biblical studies carnival time again

it is biblical studies carnival time again. it's no. 41 by now.

what is biblical studies carnival? a collection of the best blogs on biblical studies for the month, complied by guest bloggers. for the month of may, james mcgrath has done a wonderful job of scouting through blogsphere and giving us the best of biblical studies blogs. and he has done it in a very interesting format of a circus. go to the link below:

and in another blog called biblioblog top 50, the top 50 biblical studies blogs are selected and ranked (according to popularity and number of hits etc). go to the link below:

p.s. and the reb is 're-discovered' again (i.e. honorary mention) and gets listed in the complete list of biblobloggers.


Alex Tang said…
Thanks for this link. It is interesting. This is one of the advantage of niche blogging.
anthony said…
yes, very helpful so that we don't waste time searching.