let the ghost of may 13th 1969 be buried

today is the 40th anniversary of may 13 1969 incident in malaysia. to find out more from declassified documents, read kua kia song's book May 13 Declassified Document on the Malaysian Riot of 1969

better still, let the ghost of may 13 rest in peace. it has been constantly played up by our prime ministers, used as a bogeyman to frighten voters to vote for the government, and part of the official government spin of what will happen to us today if we don't learn the lessons from may 13. what really happened on may 13 1969? was it really racial riots on a nation-wide basis? or something confined? in really. it was confined to urban areas. the rural folks went on with their life relatively undisturbed. was it an orchestrated attempt to remove the leader in power? will the real truth be told and heard? the reb is not saying there were no bloodshed. there was and this should not be easily forgotten. but we should not allow something like this to be used against us in order for some to stay in power.

for now, it is 40 years in the past. we have moved on. there are those who want us to go back, create the atmosphere of fear, use that to control the masses. times have changed. people are not gullible today.