no second guess - it's topsy-turvy time again in perak

the court of appeal today on fast track granted stay of execution for ex-mb zambry's appeal against the high court decision yesterday (who some says become MB again). so, who is the legitimate MB in perak?

not only that, with the super-speed court of appeal's decision (formed today with just one judge sitting instead of the usual 3 and met at 11.45am instead of the appointed time of 2.30pm), nizar is unable to fulfill his role as MB. so, we have nizar still as legitimate MB because the court of appeal did not overturn the high court decision but nizar cannot carry out his official duties.

what does all this mean? we have a state with no government in power!

and whatever appeal nizar seeks to make, the court of appeal may sit on it since the court of appeal did not set any date to meet. again, what does this mean? no need to guess...

some say all these was planned by BN. never mind the high court decision. BN will act civilized to respect court's decision. hopefully, rakyat will notice. PR may win one fight, BN will make sure the court of appeal will grant stay.

so it is back to square one.

so now, PR vacate their offices, so also to act civilized as to respecting the court of appeal's decision.

and so, round and round we go ... round the mulberry bush (so, should the reb say, round the democracy tree).