recent seminar on psalms

it was a very good weekend teaching the seminar on the book of psalms. 70 people signed up for the seminar but since not everyone came, there was 60-65 people at any one time. still a very good number for a weekend seminar. participants came from other churches e.g. whispering hope, the emc preaching point, and trinity methodist church PJ. and the reb thought 1 or 2 from pj efc.

colporteurs, the doulos Presbyterian church bookshop, managed to send to the seminar 18 copies each of mark futato's books joy comes in the morning and transformed by praise. the books were going at 50% of the normal rate at rm 23 and rm 27 respectively. the books are on the topic of psalms. all the books were sold. the reb's 2 books, proverbs made simple and job made simple, were also finished and orders placed for another 15 copies.

plans already on the way to get the reb to come back next year for another weekend seminar on wisdom literature. that will have to wait till next year.