2 iconic figures dies

what a sad day! 2 iconic figures from the past dies on the same day.

almost everyone on the whole planet knows who MJ is! the one with the trademark dance moves, tight clothing, single sequined glove, military style uniform, hat, crotch-grapping style etc. MJ was the same age as the reb. we grew up together. his earlier songs were better when he was part of Jackson 5. songs like 'Ben'. and of course, his all-time best-selling Thriller album. who can forget 'Billie Jean', 'Thriller' (with Vincent Price narrating!), 'Beat it' (and parodied by Wierd Al Yankovic as 'Eat It') etc. at least, maybe now, the world will let him rest in peace (after all the past controversies).

maybe not everyone know FF. she's the one with the trademark smile, bouncy layered tiered hair, skimpy swimsuit, white pajama pant suit, and goes around in a trio named Charlie's Angels. at one time, know as Farrah Fawcett Majors (CC girl married to Bionic man Lee Majors). she set the tone for sexiness on TV in those days.

hey, with people dying like that, reminds the reb that he is a contemporary with them. it's time to keep healthy, eat healthy, and live healthy so that one can stay around a little longer if possible.

Vanity of vanities! All is vanity! (Hebel Hebelim).

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Esther said…
It's funny that they weren't big headline news for many years already, and yet when they died, memories of them hit the world all over. People remember them for all the things they ever did, and for all the changes they had made, good or bad. The good changes, if any, are exalted. The bad changes are forgiven and easily forgotten. Makes me wonder: Moses is a MUCH talked about man. Did he have many more obvious failings which were not dealt with when he was alive, but which were conveniently forgotten when he died....after all, you could say that he is an icon of some sort...just wondering out loud...what WAS his life like, really?
anthony said…

moses? do you mean biblical moses? of course, we do not know much about him. what we have is recorded in the biblical text. that is an ideological portrait. in fact, all the biblical figures we have in the bible are ideological portraits. they have been preserved by certain people but with the information edited according to their 'preferences'. hence, the David we read in the OT is only one-side of the real David (which we will never really know in full).