Bereavement - Anthony Yeo

my singapore look-alike counterpart passed away at the age of 60. we first met in 1985. we were both speakers in penang wesley church camp, anthony yeo doing the teaching sessions and the reb doing some bible study sessions. jeffrey koit, then assistant pastor in penang wesley, put both anthonys in the same room. imagine the fun we had. when we wake up and look into the mirror, we were not sure which anthony we were! we met again in later years very occasionally bumping into each other in unexpected places.

dear friend and 'twin', RIG!

the reb (or the twin)

the twin (the real One)


Counsellor Anthony Yeo dies aged 60

Veteran therapist dies from complications following treatment for white blood cell cancer.

By Shuli Sudderuddin

'Father of counselling' Anthony Yeo, consultant therapist at the Counselling and Care Centre, was described by those who knew him as an 'iconic figure' in his field.

Singapore's 'father of counselling' Anthony Yeo, who had leukaemia, died yesterday from complications.
The veteran counsellor and consultant therapist at the Counselling and Care Centre was 60 years old.

He was diagnosed with Burkitt's lymphoma, a cancer of a type of white blood cell that fights off infection in the body, after he collapsed at home on the evening of May9.
His older brother Peter, 63, said Mr Yeo had been losing weight since April but was still active and continued to work.

But last month, he collapsed at home and couldn't move and his wife rushed him to the hospital. 'Initially, they thought it was a stroke because he couldn't move his left leg. But a couple of days later, it was diagnosed as lymphoma.'
Mr Yeo underwent chemotherapy and his cancer went into remission.

However, complications developed and he fought off an infection about a week after his chemotherapy ended.
'But about two weeks ago, he developed a fungal infection in his lungs as well as pneumonia. His lungs failed and he was put on a respirator and sedated heavily,' his brother said.

He died at about 6pm, surrounded by friends and family.
He will be cremated tomorrow during a private ceremony and his ashes will be strewn in the sea.
As was his wish, there will be no wake. However, there will be a memorial service next month.

Co-workers and friends remembered him as someone who was forward- thinking and passionate about counselling.
Ms Gwen Ho, a youth outreach manager, used to work with him at Marine Parade Family Service Centre (FSC) where he was the clinical supervisor.
'He was very radical in his views and one of the things I learnt from him was never to impose a framework or model of counselling on a person as everybody is different,' she said yesterday.

'He gave people a voice. If we told him we felt something was unfair, he would encourage us to write about it to create awareness.'
Mr Samuel Ng, an executive consultant at Marine Parade FSC, said: 'He was definitely an iconic figure in the field of social work and counselling. He wasn't afraid to stand up for what he believed in.'

Family friend William Tan, a director of an IT company, added: 'He was very passionate about his work and very outspoken, but he was also a dedicated family man. No matter how packed his schedule, he made time for his family.'
Mr Yeo leaves behind his wife and two sons, aged 32 and 29.
Mr Peter Yeo said that his brother, a staunch Christian, had taken the news of his illness calmly.

He said: 'When he started chemo, he said there are three kinds of rest - Sabbath, mandatory rest and eternal rest. He told us, 'I am prepared for eternal rest.''



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I am writing a story on Anthony Yeo for a Christian magazine in Malaysia. If you knew him and don't mind a brief email interview, can you please write to me at Thanks.