commemorating calvin 500th aniversary of his birthday

the reb is teaching an OT seminar on the OT Wisdom Books this saturday in hebron presbyterian Church JB from 7.00-10.00pm. then on sunday morning, it is preaching a sermon on 'John Calvin and the Psalms: A Fresh Look at Psalm 62'.

the reformed churches worldwide are commemorating the 500th anniversary of calvin's birth on friday 10th july 2009 and most of them will be having a special service either this weekend or next weekend.

since the reb happens to be in Hebron this weekend, the sermon is to be on calvin. quite a task since the reb is a methodist and for a methodist to preach on calvin is indeed a challenge! but no challenge is too great that it cannot be done with divine help. so, it is all systems go.


sp lim said…
Ever heard of a Calvinistic Methodist?

Anyway, we should be thankful for the fact that a Methodist minister is allowed to preach in a Presbyterian church and to preach about John Calvin of all subjects.

It's certainly sad sometimes to see people who hold on to the doctrines of grace show how graceless they are when they attacked their opponents with much venom over some theological issues. Maybe that's why some Christians are so turn off by Calvin and Calvinism.

I remember reading an anecdote about John Wesley when he was asked whether he will see George Whitefield,(a Calvinist, and a theological opponent)in heaven. Wesley replied, 'No'. Then he explained that Whitefield will be so near the throne of God and he will be unable to see him.
Alex Tang said…
this is so cool. Calvinism and Arminianism.
anthony said…
tq sp for the story on wesley and whitefield. good one. maybe i can use it in my sermon!
anthony said…
calvinism and arminianis? 2 sides of the same coin!
sp lim said…
I did some googling and was surprised to find that some say it was Wesley who made the statement about Whitefield and others vice versa. It may just be an urban legend with supporters from both sides claiming their 'hero' said it.

Well, whether it's true are not, both of them are in heaven now and will be so humbled by the glory and majesty of God to remember any of their theological differences.