royal commission formed (But...)

so, the royal commission to investigate the death of TBH is set up. next question, who sits in the RC? will PR be invited?

what are the terms of reference (TR) for the RC? will it be 'toothless' like the one set up to investigate the lingam video?

will it be able to deal with tough issues like the RC for the PKFZ controversy?


after all the hoohah has died down, it is not a RC to look into TBH's death but a RC to look into MACC's methods etc blah blah. isn't this a shortchange? with the MIC and MCA and Gerakan ministers at the meeting, didn't they press for it? or out-voted by their UMNO counterparts? if so, same old story....

don't ever hope the truth will be revealed. nothing has come out of the lingam investigation by the RC.