today is 09-09-09 on the calendar. those who like numbers will find this date intriguing, much like the 08-08-08 last year.

of course, 08-08-08 is auspicious for the chinese as the '8' in chinese is 'pat' and sounds like 'phat' (prosperity). so, 08-08-08 is like triple prosperity!

so what about 09-09-09? '9' is 'kaw' in chinese. 'kaw' can be something concentrated or in slang something for 'good'. so, 09-09-09 is triple good!

maybe good day to get married (triple good) or good day to start a business venture (triple good). or maybe good day to finish thesis!!!


Esther said…
Finish assignments? Now, if I can juuust get that NINE chapters of Church History in Plain Language read up by today, I will definitely call it an auspicious day...Haha.
Kar Yong said…
All the best!! I just finished examining a D Theol thesis. Auspicious day indeed....just that wedding bells are missing! :-)
沙崙 said…
In Mandarin or Cantonese, the transliteration of "9" means also "longevity". Chinese likes 9 because it carries with them the blessing of longevity, be it in weddings, birthdays, anniversary etc.
As for you on this special day, bless you with the longevity of strength to serve the LORD, youth to step forward to the third phase of your ministry-missionary (see, i remember) and wisdom to bring forth biblical illumination.
anthony said…
yes, esther, finishing assignments can be counted as auspicious on this day.

as for wedding bells (for myhomilia), i thought i heard them pealing from afar!

and to my limud, may you too have the '9' to finish your DTheol thesis, the '9' to carry out the OT teaching in STM after the reb is long gone, and the '9' to sustain family and working life together..