product testing

normally the reb doesn't do product testing but since he is a computer geek, there's no harm trying to test and write about a product:

got an email from digeus to test out their program called snapit screen capture. the reb uses the free program called FS capture.

for snapit screen capture, it does what it is called: capture a screen on the computer. installation was smooth and without difficulty. the site allows one to test the product for 14 days with full functionality. during installation, there is an option to change the directory to install the program.

when installed, the program will have an icon in the task below below. on right click, it will reveal a pop-up window with some choices. the help files are in the 'documentation' link. one can opt to go to 'properties' to make changes in the setting.

snapit allows one to save the screen capture under 5 different picture formats and allows one to automatically save the files incrementally (1.jpg, 2.jpg etc). there is also a choice to change the capture button. the reb changed it to the less-used function F12 key. pressing the capture key changes the cursor to a cross-bar (which shows that the snapit screen capture is on). then right click and drag the rectangle area to what is to be captured. once that is done, one can right click the icon at the bottom to 'save as'. the pictured captured (in this case under jpg) was opened by irfanview (the reb's default picture viewer) and the capture was crisp and clear.

in all, the program was simple and straight-forward. should be useful for people who wish to capture images off the computer screen and load them onto facebook, their blogs, etc. so, snapit is worth a try to see whether it meet your needs.