TEE class OT Background

this week the reb is teaching a TEE class in seremban on 'OT Background' aka 'Intro to the OT' (in-campus module). this is an elective and offered only for the 2nd time (the first was in baptist church pj joined with their program many years ago).

the module stretches from wed morning till saturday lunch around 28 hours intensive. well, either the reb survives or the students survive or the reverse!!


for this elective course, i will put up a series of urls that will be useful for the course assignments as well as resources to keep for the future:


useful site to look at old and new pictures of israel to get an idea of what life was like.


another interesting blog with lots of archaeological news and pictures of israel.


for those interested in archaeology and cannot go to join an actual dig, here is a website that is informative.


for those interested in the magic and mystic of egypt.


israel's antiquities authority (IAA) website. lot os informative stuff about archaeological discoveries that are ongoing.


for OT resources, look at OTgateway (counterpart to NTgateway).


on another note, the reb's itinerary from oct till dec is up. it's that busy time of the year.