time for laughter

a timely reminder from my ex-dean of ocms before the reb's own viva (coming soon next year). a good time to laugh to begin the week tomorrow:


Call Me Doctor

The title, ‘brother’, once I wore,

But that can satisfy no more,

Since on my journey up to fame,

They added M.Div. to my name.

But still it did not seem quite right,

What could give me true delight?

Now they call me ‘Doctor’—how I love it!

No other title is above it!

Never was I thrilled like that before,

As on that day upon my door

They added ‘Doctor’ to my name,

Now I’ll never be the same!

So call me ‘Doctor’,— Man Alive,

On my ego I must thrive.

And at conferences I will shine;

Praise the Lord, the title’s mine!

Once I was humble, now I’m proud,

Walking erect with the Doctor crowd.

Surely the world hath need of me;

A man of the learning with a grand degree!

The apostle knew no such bliss,

For he had no title equal to this!

I tell you my brothers, I’ve never been the same

Since I added Doctor to my name.

David A. Beam adapted by Bruce Winter


P. Sakthivel said…
how true of the many I know. Hope and pray that you will be the same. At least I have the confidence that you would be.
Alex Tang said…
Hi Doc
anthony said…
ha ha. no 'Doc' yet. dunno whether it will come or not. come or not, doesn't matter much to me nowadays. just let me get back to my teaching and writing books!
chils said…
Hmm... Dr Reb
Paul Long said…
Nice reminder... I won;t ever have that problem BUT if you have a similar poem that addresses the pitfalls of pride due to the title "Pastor", do post it up.

I still find it a bit of a bother to be addressed as Pastor ...
anthony said…
Dr Reb? sounds like Dr Rasputin!