time flies

about a week to go before the reb flies off to UK to prepare for his thesis pre-viva on 7th dec. but still a lot of academic work to be finished here in STM.

also got to represent STM tomorrow at the MBS graduation service at 4pm in klang. then preaching and conducting holy communion this sunday in TUMC and we have about 60 guests from Whispering Hope outreach point PJ visiting us. it will be a packed sunday service.

it's a matter of balancing and juggling whatever little time that is left!!!

p.s. myhomilia colleague off to tyndale house cambridge to do research for his 2nd book. we'll catch up in cambridge as the reb's 1st supervisor has moved to teach in hughes hall cambridge and that means a few days in cambridge is needed.


pearlie said…
Maybe by the time we all learn to manage our time, we will all have a TM Doctorate (Time Management Doctorate :)

All the best!!!
anthony said…
yup. by the time we all finish our studies, we'll have a bachelor of sleep deprivation (B.S.D.), a masters of family, church, and studies (M.F.C.S.), and a doctorate of time hogging (D.T.h.).
pearlie said…
What about Masters of Combining Studies-with-work (MCS)
All the best on your pre thesis viva and enjoy the stay in UK.
anthony said…
tq peng shyang. no holiday but work all the way.

even while waiting for viva, apart from preparing, have to write 2 pieces for publication (1 week devotional reading for LFOP and 1 piece for Jurnal Transformasi)