goodbye to old year & blessed new year to all...

saying goodbye to the old year of 2009 (it was a good year...) and welcoming 2010...

the reb's working tonight. preaching at TUMC watchnight covenant/holy communion service at 10pm. the reb and christabel (the worship leader) have planned the service in 2 parts.

1st part focuses on the theme of 'Remember'. we sing first, have scripture reading from Deut 8, then the reb shares Part 1 of the reflection, all pause to remember and we conclude the first part by renewing our covenant with God (ala John Wesley's Covenant Service).

2nd part focuses on the theme of 'Giving Thanks'. we sing again, have scripture reading from Deut 11, then the reb shares Part 2 of the reflection, we pause to give thanks and we celebrate holy communion.

the last part of the service is open to all church members to share in thanksgiving and make a commitment to God.


Dear Reb,

welcome back. wish you happy new year.

Maybe you like to correct a slight mistake at you blog title:

He also "do" a lot of weekend preaching,,,,,
anthony said…
tq aaron.

but what is the mistake in my blog title? is it the word 'do'? (but it is correct in my blog title!)

or is it the phrase 'weekend preaching'? (my blog title is correct - i do both 'weekend teaching and preaching').
Hi Reb,

I think should be;

he also does, instead of he also do?

Pls enlighten me if I am wrong,as I am from chinese school,,,hehe
anthony said…
aaron, you are absolutely right. it should be 'does'. i corrected it. tq.