'langham partnership 1910 centenary scholarship' for developing world

Langham Partnership is working with OCMS to offer one PhD scholarships starting in 2010, as a way of marking the centenary of the Edinburgh World Missionary Conference of 1910. The scholarships are for PhD students from the Majority (Developing) World.

Applicants must demonstrate that they have outstanding academic potential, be strategic Christian leaders, and have strong backing from established Christian leadership within the Majority World. Full eligibility criteria can be obtained from the Langham Partnership website www.langhampartnership.org,

Starting in September 2010 this scholarship for a student from the Majority World is tenable for up to six years of part-time PhD study at the Oxford Centre for Mission Studies, depending on satisfactory progression. It will cover course fees at OCMS, and provide up to £4,000 towards expenses and maintenance. The applicant’s sending institution must commit to contribute at least a further £2,000 per year towards support. The student will be required to raise extra sums required to meet the support levels required by the UK Borders Agency for student visa application. Before commencement of the award students must have completed the OCMS research induction course, and obtained registration with the University of Wales. OCMS and Langham Partnership welcome applications from students wishing to study in ‘Mission-related’ research in various areas. Applicants should apply both to OCMS and the Langham Partnership, and on each separate application indicate clearly that they intend to apply for the OCMS / Langham Partnership ‘1910 Centenary Scholarship’.

A form for the Langham Partnership Scholarship scheme, and the eligibility criterion, can be found on the UK scholarship pages of the Langham Partnership website: www.langhampartnership.org.