back at starbucks these 2 days! it can only mean 1 thing...

there is only 1 reason for the reb to be at starbucks. not just to drink coffee (i can do that at cheaper joints!).

but it means markus my son is playing scrabble again at berjaya times square. he is playing at the masters level at the cny scrabble competition organized by MSA (malaysian scrabble association). he needs to play to get enough games per year and to improve his ranking which is currently around ~1,700 (he doesn;t tell me his exact ranking but the top guy in malaysia is about 2,000+).

but today the reb's stay at starbucks is short-lived. have to rush down to melaka for the 3pm district conference. so this morning will be here until around noon. tomorrow is the 2nd day of the competition and it means i get a whole day (until 6pm) here at starbucks! as usual, it means the reb drinks one cup of latte which will last hours (to get a place to sit and surf)! unless someone wants to come and join the reb for some OT discussion! we can do it online at the table. bring a notebook.