billboard laughter

a complication of f/b thots yesterday.


what goes on in the mind of the reb when he is driving at 7.40am along seremban-kl highway? looking at billboards! reminds him of graffiti-writing which is an art (belonging to warped geniuses of course). here's an example: Eat bran!!! (someone scribbles at the bottom - ...and the whole world falls out of your bottom!) get it?

here's what the reb will scribble on some of the highway signboards:

Advertisement line - 'Cat Rumah. No. 1 di Jepun'. Reb's scribbles '...that's becos nobody buys them in the rest of the world!'

Ad line 'Zhulian thanks everyone'. Reb's scribbles '...especially to suckers who can't tell the difference between industrial-made diamonds and natural ones'.

Ad-line: 'Disciplin kunci kejayaan'. Reb's scribbles 'ada anak kunci. mana kunci?'

Ad-line: 'Old Town. Take your time'. Reb's scribbles: '...that's becos nothing ever happens here'.

Ad-line: 'The fruit of life. Miki's Prune juice'. Reb's scribbles' '...and watch the life flows out of you'.

Ad-line: 'Aik Cheong. Still the best'. Reb's scribbles '...for backwashing of large colons too'.

Ad-line: 'Ipoh goreng kopi putih. Mesti cuba'. Reb's scribbles: ' of the 10 things you must to try before you die'.

This is a classic one outside kemayan along seremban-kl highway about prawn mee: 'Don't Eat is Your Loss'. Reb's scribbles: '... with that grammar, i will lose more after eating'.


the next time you are driving up from seremban to kl along the highway, look for the billboards. have fun.