further hebrew resources

to all my hebrew class students this semester, check this link below to previous blog posts of hebrew resources (the post has links to free hebrew audio, hebrew audio bible, hebrew fonts, hebrew websites, free hebrew grammar books, learning hebrew online etc):


check the link first before coming to ask me where to find materials.


other newer links on hebrew resources:

1] try this. hebrew comic online!


2] another hebrew-english comic on a character called Og the Terrible (using hebrew vocab):


3] karyn traphagen has a wonderful teaching hebrew blog with tons of resources:







1} http://depts.washington.edu/hbanes/bibhebtools.html

in the above site, there are drills and exercises to help you learn hebrew alphabet, vowels, etc.

2] http://www.aoal.org/hebrew.html

in this site, one can download hebrew audio files of the hebrew OT, book by book or chapter by chapter.


ktraphagen said…
Thank you for linking to my blog! I continue to develop and look for resources to make learning/teaching ancient languages better.
anthony said…
thank to you for the wonderful resources.
Gilbert Sim said…
Just want to say thank for providing such a useful link. I'm doing an intensive course this quarter.
anthony said…
all the best. hebrew is fun. which seminary are u studying in california?