the Lord's Prayer

bishop robert solomon was the annual retreat speaker for stm this year and he spoke on the Lord's Prayer. his recent book The Prayer of Jesus has arrived to stm book service and is priced at RM 45. the first 50 books comes with a free book Faith & Action (critique of the Da Vinci Code).


Hi sir,

Is this a prayer of believers to Father in heaven?

Or Jesus'prayer to the Father?

Maybe we ought to take note of:

Jesus said to the disciple,when you pray to the Father, you pray in this way...
anthony said…
it is both imo. when jesus said 'pray in this way', he could be saying 'pray like me as i pray to God the father'.

so, it is our prayer to God as well as jesus' prayer to his father.

which is why you should note the title of the book! It has both main title and sub-title.
Hi Reb,

Jesus prayed to the Father for forgiveness?

I am sceptical about it..hehe
anthony said…
you weren't paying attention to bishop solomon. he said it is a plural 'us'! jesus identifies with 'us' just as he did in his water baptism by john the baptist.
thanks Reb for reply..