tumc holy week services

a series of sermons on the gospel of john during holy week by rev dr paul barker, visiting scholar in STM, and formerly vicar of holy trinity church doncaster melbourne.

you can go to the link below to download some mp3 of paul's previous sermons delivered in his church.



NB: for those who couldn't get the opportunity to hear dr paul preach (which was really great!), the church is videotaping the 3 sessions and they will be available for sale later through STM office. we'll keep you informed of the details.


gokibin said…
Haiya... hafta miss this la, rabbi... will be away for FE church's Good Friday and Easter activities... wonder if audio files will be available... ;oD
Sivin Kit said…
wah. black theme for holy week?
anthony said…
black also for 1 black malaysia!