first there was enns, then waltke and tremper...

first there was peter enns, then bruce waltke and tremper longman III. so who's next? something is obviously wrong, not with OT scholarship per se but with reformed OT scholarship, and not with the above scholars themselves but with those who profess to be guardians of reformed OT scholarship.

and for some people to equate the evangelical label with these so-called guardians of reformed scholarship is not entirely correct. these guys are standing more on the fundamentalist tradition than the broader evangelical tradition. issues such as these taught by enns, waltke and tremper are considered a non-issue in UK evangelical circles.



reformed has already ceased reforming,,,,,

I am afraid could lead to deformed....hehe

Thank God, I am an informed-pentecostal....
sp lim said…
I think in Waltke's case is rather unfortunate because his view on theistic evolution was not something new that he came out with. Read page 202-203 of his OT Theology which was published in 2007. I quote, "The best harmonious synthesis of special revelation of the Bible, of the general revelation of human nature that distinguishes between right and wrong and consciously and unconsciously craves God, and of science is the theory of theistic evolution." He went to say what he meant by theistic evolution in 6 points. I don't find anything so radical in the 6 points that a conservative evangelical cannot accept.

The whole issue has been blown out of proportion and I think perhaps both Waltke and RTS didn't handle it as well as they should. This episode reinforces my opinion that the medium is not neutral. There is a difference when you say something in a book and when you say the same thing on TV. As McLuhan says, the medium is the message. Well, at least I think more people watched that interview compared to those who have read his OT Theology.

Anyway for the latest in this unfortunate episode, you can read the following
sp lim said…
I refer to m y earlier comment "I don't find anything so radical in the 6 points that a conservative evangelical cannot accept." Actually I'm not sure if all conservative evangelicals accept the existence of dinosaurs. I shouldn't be making this kind of assumption. Perhaps after enrolling in TEE, I've become less conservative or less evangelical. Oh dear ....Not sure where I will stand after I've finished. (especially after reading book with title such as "Did God have a wife?")But I guess the value of formal theological education is that it makes you wrestles with your faith and some of your presuppositions.