end of 1st semester

finally, today is the last day of the first semester of 2010. students are anxious and ready to go home after spending a few months here in the campus. we end the semester with a closing worship service to be led by the faculty members and then community lunch together.

some students are staying back in the campus to catch up with assignments and thesis writing, some are staying back to help paint the students' dorm. soon, it will be partly empty before the school holidays begin. that's when outside groups will come in renting the campus for their camps and retreat.

the reb will be busy editing the 2nd draft of the thesis to be sent off by end of may. then marking OTS papers and exam scripts.


good study experience in STM, for the first semester,,,,
anthony said…
good to hear you had a good experience. for many others, it was a relief to be over.