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Sports betting controversy: Tan to donate RM525 mil to charity

what is rm 525 million to vincent tan since he is the sole beneficiary to the new sports betting licence? he'll probably earn many times over with profit running into billions. of course, BN needs a cash cow to fund them. so, you scratch my back and i scratch yours. you 'bless' me a bit, and i 'bless' in return.

and with the money, BN will attempt to take over selangor ala perak style. wasn't it the same modus operandi used (money from somebody to induce somebody to cross over to BN and now with a datuk to the name, some name like a donkey, a hee haw)?

malaysians better rise up to oppose this sports betting licence not for all the usual reasons but for this one as well.


sp lim said…
The charity is his own foundation. For all you know he may have absolute control over the money.