Monday, 26 July 2010

fringe season 2

cast of fringe. season 2 with 23 episodes ended in the US. season 3 will begin in september.

here in malaysia, we are only watching the first few episodes of season 2 (every sunday night at 8.30pm). but the reb got the whole season 2 already and watching with his family 1 episode a night!!! hurray. no advertisement breaks, no censor, no 1 week waiting....


Sivin Kit said...

Fringe is good for professors and students of theology. Helps to get them out of reality so that they can get back into it better.

After all is said and done. We need some entertainment lah! :-)

Alex Tang said...

also good for the rest of the world too. I love the series too...alternate realities, Leonard Nimoy, FBI, mad scientists etc...all the ingredients of X-Files for the new century.