still despairing learning microsoft 2007 ribbon? try ubitmenu

not sure about you guys out there, but the reb has never been comfortable using the microsoft office 2007 especially the new ribbon. what was a good version (microsoft office 2003) has to be re-invented. while some people refer the new ribbon format, things have changed in their original positions and one has to re-learn them from scratch. what if one has no time to relearn all these key positions and memorizing them?

not to despair. there are some tricks available from microsoft website to learn about the ribbon (one can download tutorials and xlt workbooks on word, excel, powerpoint etc).

but there is a better way. download a small program (f.o.c. for personal users) called ubitmenu. it adds a small menu into the command bar of your microsoft called 'menu' in between the 'home' and 'insert'. click on the 'menu' and your old familiar microsoft office 2003 toolbars are pops down as another ribbon. presto!

that is far easier than re-learn the office 2007 ribbon. give it a try.