free digital tanakh

grab this free offer now. i have already downloaded my pdf copy of the tanakh.
all you need to do is register with ebookshuk and start an a/c. they will send you occasionally book offers which you can choose not to buy. but once in a while they give free offers like this!

Every year around Rosh Hashanah we try to give you some gift.
This year, we're glad to be able to present you with a very special gift: downloadable, interactive, Hebrew-English Tanakh.
That is right. Visit now and download your very own, unencrypted version of this great title... FREE (reg. $18)!
Download it yourself and let your friends, colleagues, students, and congregants know about it as well. Just like you, they will also get $10 stre credit with eBookshuk when they do it.
Because of the way it was prepared, this edition of Tanakh can be used onvirtually any computing device, including iPad, iPhone/iPod, Kindle, Nook, Sony, and other tablets and smart phones.
Furthermore, it has been set so you can add comments to it using only freely available Adobe Reader, i.e. no need for Acrobat.
Regardless how you use it, what you get here is a fully vocalized, contillated edition of traditional Massoretic text set side-by-side with classic JPS English translation.

While there are many Hebrew Bible versions available on the Internet, I am not aware of any downloadable edition of the same quality as ours.
Enjoy it... and have a happy, health and peaceful New 5772 Year... you and your whole mishpuchah!