gethsemane prayer

tonight two thousand years ago,
a saviour prayed on our behalf.
alone in the garden,
he knelt in the rough.

his other disciples,
tired and forsaking.
went to sleep instead,
with the night beckoning.

the saviour wrestled for us,
tears and sweat poured down.
in a little moment more,
away he will be bound.

if only the trees could speak,
what a story they will tell.
but silent witnesses they are,
they cannot ring a bell.

stand alone with these trees,
and open your ears to the wind.
hear their quiet whispers,
above the noise and din.

they tell you about a saviour,
who knelt and prayed.
so that generations of disciples,
will never be strayed.

anthony loke. maundy thursday, 28th march 2013.