good friday genuflexion

good friday genuflexion

ekah! i stood at the foot of the cross
beneath his piercing gaze;
i knew he was looking at me
sad and yet amazed.

how could i turn my face
towards this bruised sight;
i averted my eyes and hoped not
to see this dimmed light.

his penetrating gaze, his piercing eyes
i cannot hope to unlock.
his comforting words, his gentle voice
i was unable to block.

'do you love me more than these?'
'will you deny me thrice tonight?'
'will you feed my lambs and sheep?'
'do you always run from the light?'

beneath the shadow of the cross
i stood silent without a word.
'what more could i say to you
who died in my place, o lord'.

anthony loke. good friday. 29th march 2013.