a paradoxical dilemma

i face a great paradox. on one hand, Christians past and present laud and praise the life and ministry of Dietrich Bonhoeffer. but what about his one act to join the conspirators to get rid of Hitler? Bonhoeffer however failed. Hitler did not die, and Bonhoeffer together with others lost their lives. the great war prolonged and more people suffered and died.

today in a certain country, there is a sort-of dictator, almost an untouchable. he and his wife skim off from the country's coffers and continue to bleed the nation dry. attempts by others within the circle to remove him by legal means has failed. he continues to get away and boasts of his near-invincibility.

What if a modern day 'Dietrich Bonhoeffer' arises and decides to collude with others that 'it is more expedient for one man to go than for a whole nation to suffer' and takes action to get rid of this dictator? even if he fails and is arrested and executed, will we see his actions as martyr-like and his aim sound and noble? will we extol him and call him a modern-day Bonhoeffer?