Friday, 30 November 2007

Light a Candle

splim emailed me about the coming event this sunday. he was worried that he was hijacking my blog again. friends, anything to do with social justice and righteouesness can never be out of the purview of the reb. the reb is a strong advocate of amos 5:24: 'but let justice roll down like waters, and righteousness like an everflowing stream'. after all, the reb's favourite passages in the Bible are the OT prophets! and garth hewitt is also the reb's favourite musical social interpreter.


There is a call to light a candle for all the underprivileged and marginalized Malaysians this Sunday, 2nd December at 8.30pm.

For more info please go to

Not sure whether you have seen some of the photos of last Sunday Hindraf rally. Really bleeds my heart to see how our police/govt treated the marginalized. Didn’t participate in this one because of TEE and wasn’t sure it was the right thing to do in view of the racist/religionist nature of the organizer. But on hindsight maybe I should have. It’s really not about who was organizing it but the cause. Just like Bersih which many felt was an opposition parties thing. I walked on 10/11 for a cause and not because who was behind it. Similarly, 25/11 was the day Malaysians of Indian descent wanted to tell us they have been marginalized and oppressed long enough. Another reason I didn’t go was also fear. I had this prejudice that Indians can be very emotional and violent. I was wrong and have repented. You must look at some of the photos where they took in all the chemical laced water and tear gas without much retaliation. The most was just throwing back the canisters at the police.

Below is a song by Garth Hewitt one of my favourite Christian artiste who writes and sings against injustice and for freedom.

Light a Candle
Light a candle in the darkness
Light a candle in the night
Let the love of Jesus light us
Light a candle in the night

Like a flicker in the darkness
Comes a mother’s desperate cry
And a baby’s voice in answer
Brings the coming of the light

He didn’t come in wealth and grandeur
He didn’t stand with men of power
He had no status to commend him
He was homeless he was poor

But he came to heal the wounded
And he came to heal the scars
Of a world that’s bruised and broken
Where the image has been marred

And we see him in the hungry
And the homeless refugee
In the sick and dying children
His arms reach out to you and me

And I feel his breath upon me
And he whispers “Follow me”
And he grants his fire within me
Says let it shine for all to see

Wednesday, 28 November 2007

after the TRAC session

the 32nd session of the TRAC ended yesterday with the ordination of two elders, rev. joshua khong and rev. buell abraham, the accepting of a new lpl holder, mr. yip (who incidentally is STM's business manager and layleader of TUMC church), and the reading of the yearly appointments. there were a few changes in the pastoral appointments, but the reb is seconded full-time to STM for another year (but with a monthly responsibility to wesley methodist church segamat to do holy communion).

so people asked 'how did it go'? well, for the reb, it is so-so, the same thing year after year. now that i have attended TRAC sessions since 1984, the initial excitement and exuberance as a young pastor has long gone. if only i don't have to attend...? just wishful thinking.

as for the reaction to bishop's talks whom everyone was praising highly, i left a long comment here at chee keat's blog: