Saturday, 27 September 2008

thursday chapel sermon on 'root of bitterness'

here is the ppt of my thursday sermon entitled 'root of bitterness'. of course, a lot more of what i shared will not be on the slides but they should give you a pretty good idea what i was hsaring about.

Tuesday, 23 September 2008

current news in malaysia

raja petra sent to kamunting detention center at 11.50am to begin his 2 years detention under Section 8 of the ISA (which can be extended indefinitely). he knows he is not alone. justice will be served to those who deserved it.

negaraku rapper namewee or wee meng chee grilled by police since this morning from 10.30am for 3 hours. what else do they want to know from namewee? police, go and listen to his rap. now the police says he must translate his chinese rap into bahasa malaysia because they don't understand it. don't they have chinese cops to do it? namewee is also being investigated under the seditions act.

former SAPP deputy president raymond tan admits he intervened to deter an Anti graft investigation on SAPP president yong teck lee, thinking that teck lee owes him one. the truth is that he has done a great disfavour to the PM and the BN. so, it proves that interference occurs in malaysian politics and selective prosecution takes place.

continual crisis in umno over power transfer plan. muhyiddin says it again, it may be too late for umno to recover. other ministers says everything is ok. whoever leaked the news out to the english press about what really happened behind umno closed doors is not a 'traitor' but one brave enough to say the truth - there is a crisis in the country.

is petrol price going to be reviewed before the hari raya? if it drops, there may not be enough petrol as petrol stattions are now not stocking petrol fearing that the price may drop and they incur a loss. no petrol, no balik kampung for hari raya.


how much worse can the news in malaysia gets?

preaching in thursday stm chapel

struggling to decide what to preach this coming thursday in STM chapel. it is the reb's turn this semester. maybe not the usual OT stuff! what? the reb not preaching from the OT? hey, guys, the reb can preach from the NT too (and equally competent in case you have doubts. afterall, the reb is into biblical studies and not merely OT alone).

so, i will preach from Hebrews 12:14-15 on 'The Root of Bitterness'. below reverend fun's comic sums up the topic:

Monday, 22 September 2008

free bible style guide

The Bible Style Guide is a reference text designed specifically for those working within the media industry. It provides a crash course in the Bible for busy journalists, broadcasters and bloggers.
Packed with useful facts and figures, it includes handy overviews of issues that often hit the headlines, as well as terms that are often misunderstood. Whether you’re covering Creationism or Zionism, or want to know your apostle from your epistle, The Bible Style Guide is here to help you get started.

Download the Bible Style Guide 2008.pdf (2.4MB) or, if you are a working journalist in the UK who would like a hard copy free of charge, get in touch.

and here's an example of why those covering news on christianity may need information of what is christianity and this book is designed for that purpose:
Church head slams cartoon mocking Sarah Palin and Pentecostalism
Christian Today by Michelle A Vu, Christian Post Posted: Monday, September 22, 2008, 7:40 (BST)

Sarah Palin (AP)
The leader of the world’s largest Pentecostal denomination denounced a cartoon in the Washington Post that mocks Republican vice presidential nominee Sarah Palin, Pentecostalism, and Christianity as “despicable”.

“The cartoon is despicable,” decried Assemblies of God’s chief executive officer, George O Wood, in a statement last Friday. “Millions of Christians today follow the example of first century Christians who prayed in other tongues.

“The Washington Post would not think of printing a cartoon that mocked members of the Muslim or Jewish faiths,” he charged. “It should be ashamed.”

In the cartoon, posted online September 9, Palin is illustrated talking on the phone at a podium in an incomprehensible language. Republican vice presidential nominee John McCain stands near Palin and says with a grin, “She’s a Pentecostal and speaks in tongues, and only God can understand what she’s saying. But it gives my campaign a direct line to the Almighty.”

The next drawing shows “God” in heaven holding a phone saying to an angel, “Peter. What’s wrong with this phone? All I can hear is some dam’ right wing politician spouting gibberish!”
Wood criticised the political cartoon for not only revealing the cartoonist’s lack of understanding of Pentecostal beliefs, but also of God.

The cartoonist portrayed God as cranky, befuddled, a user of profanity and not omniscient.
“Since God is multi-lingual, I'm sure He doesn't have problems understanding any prayers – whether they are articulated in a known or unknown language,” Wood said. “He looks for prayers that come from the heart."

Furthermore, the Pentecostal leader noted that Palin, to his knowledge, has never said she prays in tongue.

Palin was raised in a Pentecostal church and attended one until six years ago, when she and her family switched to a non-denominational evangelical church. She now identifies herself only as Christian, and a spokeswoman for the McCain-Palin campaign says Palin does not consider herself Pentecostal.

Still, the Republican vice presidential candidate and her ties with Pentecostalism have been subjected to scrutiny and commentary by secular reporters, who mainly portray the denomination as peculiar and unconventional.

According to representative Deborah Howell, received some 350 complaints from readers about the cartoon by Pat Oliphant, which they said lampooned their faith.

"Readers were right to complain," she said, according to AG News, the news service of the 5 million-member Assemblies of God. "I will deal with political cartooning in another column."
She also noted that Oliphant’s cartoons are automatically posted on the site without anyone editing or reviewing the material prior to its posting.

malaysian rapper next

now the police going for malaysian rapper. looks like zero toleration level for police or trying to flex muscles to remind people who is the boss?:


PETALING JAYA: Wee Meng Chee (pic), who courted controversy last year by recording a parody of the national anthem, Negaraku, has been asked to present himself at the police headquarters in Bukit Aman tomorrow.

Wee, who recently graduated from a Taiwanese university, said the police contacted his father on Sept 11 and asked the 25-year-old to be at Bukit Aman on the specified date.

“They did not tell him why they wanted me to be present. They just set the date,” he said.
“I guess it is about the Negaraku rap. I am surprised. I thought the matter was laid to rest already as it was more than a year ago.”

read the rest of the story at star online: