Friday, 4 July 2008

view of atonement from leviticus

Roy E Gane, Cult and Character: Purification Offerings, Day of Atonement and Theodicy (Winona Lake: Eisenbrauns, 2005).

this is an interesting work of a student of jacob milgrom whose magisterial commentary on leviticus has set and influenced the course of studies on leviticus. Gane disagrees with his teacher's position that the hatta (sin offering) and the yom kippur (day of atonement) did not atone the sins of the offerer but was to cleanse and purify the sanctuary which borned the sins of the offerer and nation. milgrom's position of course challenges the whole Christian view of atonement. Gane takes the older view followed by many Christians that the sin offering was indeed to atone for the sins' of the offerer.

read here from the blog by Michael Barber and Brant Pitre, singing in the reign, a review of Gane's book:

Thursday, 3 July 2008

2,300 year old pharaonic engraving

Syria unearths 2,300-year-old pharaonic engraving
Sat Jun 28, 1:12 PM ET;_ylt=AmfTn5whyhXaeHsUdqH7NEJFeQoB

DAMASCUS (AFP) - Syrian archaeologists have unearthed a hieroglyph close to Damascus which dates back to the pharaonic period around 1,300 years BC, the official SANA news agency reported on Saturday.

"The antiquities department has discovered a hieroglyph on the outskirts of Damascus, 25 kilometres (15 miles) east (of the capital), engraved into a basalt stone slab (measuring) 70 by 50 cm (28 by 20 inches)," SANA said.

"This type of slab was quite widespread during the era of the Pharaohs, who used it to mark a special occasion," department head Mahmud Hammud said, adding text on the stone dated back to the reign of Pharaoh Rameses II, between 1,290 and 1,224 years BC.

The slab shows the leg of the king and behind it, the foot of the Egyptian god Amon. Amon's name figures in the text below the engraving although the date is illegible.
A similar engraving which dates from the same period was discovered several years ago in Al-Kiswah region near the capital and is on display at the Damascus national museum.

Tuesday, 1 July 2008

milestone for charis

so, our eldest child, charis, has left home for college. it seems like only yesterday i was still cuddling her as a cute bouncy baby! how time flies. i was at her birth to see her come into the world. she spent her early years in teluk intan and johor baru. then we saw her through kindy first year in kampar and then kindy year 2 in taman ujong seremban. for 5 years, she attended primary school at taman rasah jaya (she was an express student, having skipped primary four in her school and the only one from her whole school to achieve it. she was also in the last batch as the government scrapped the program the following year). then it was another five years at KGV (King George V) for her secondary education.

with one child attending college and another in form 3, soon it will be the empty nest syndrome for the reb and wife!