Saturday, 27 June 2009

preaching on sunday

preaching tomorrow on sunday at 11am in canaan baptist church bukit jalil on 'Why Do We Hide Behind Masks?'. part of a series the reb have been preaching in this church called 'Problems of ...' this is the fourth part.

Friday, 26 June 2009

2 iconic figures dies

what a sad day! 2 iconic figures from the past dies on the same day.

almost everyone on the whole planet knows who MJ is! the one with the trademark dance moves, tight clothing, single sequined glove, military style uniform, hat, crotch-grapping style etc. MJ was the same age as the reb. we grew up together. his earlier songs were better when he was part of Jackson 5. songs like 'Ben'. and of course, his all-time best-selling Thriller album. who can forget 'Billie Jean', 'Thriller' (with Vincent Price narrating!), 'Beat it' (and parodied by Wierd Al Yankovic as 'Eat It') etc. at least, maybe now, the world will let him rest in peace (after all the past controversies).

maybe not everyone know FF. she's the one with the trademark smile, bouncy layered tiered hair, skimpy swimsuit, white pajama pant suit, and goes around in a trio named Charlie's Angels. at one time, know as Farrah Fawcett Majors (CC girl married to Bionic man Lee Majors). she set the tone for sexiness on TV in those days.

hey, with people dying like that, reminds the reb that he is a contemporary with them. it's time to keep healthy, eat healthy, and live healthy so that one can stay around a little longer if possible.

Vanity of vanities! All is vanity! (Hebel Hebelim).

for the local news report.

Thursday, 25 June 2009

u don't sink swimming in the dead sea but u sink in the sinkhole!

Dead Sea peril: sinkholes swallow up the unwary

By JOSEPH MARKS, Associated Press Writer Joseph Marks, Associated Press Writer – Tue Jun 23, 9:34 am ET

EIN GEDI, Israel – Eli Raz was peering into a narrow hole in the Dead Sea shore when the earth opened up and swallowed him. Fearing he would never be found alive in the 30-foot- deep pit, he scribbled his will on an old postcard.

After 14 hours a search party pulled him from the hole unhurt, and five years later the 69-year-old geologist is working to save others from a similar fate, leading an effort to map the sinkholes that are spreading on the banks of the fabled saltwater lake.

These underground craters can open up in an instant, sucking in whatever lies above and leaving the surrounding area looking like an earthquake zone.

The phenomenon, Raz said, stems from a dire water shortage, compounded in recent years by tourism and chemical industries as well as a growing population. "This is the most remarkable evidence of the brutal interference of humans in the Dead Sea," he said.

The parched moonscape, famous as the site of biblical Sodom and Gomorra, is the lowest point on earth and runs more than 60 miles through Israel and the West Bank.

Large sections of the coast are fenced off and signposted in Hebrew and English: "danger, open pits" and "sinkhole area ahead." But it's too expensive to inspect every place for danger. Just two months ago an Israeli hiker wandered into an area that had no warning signs and was critically injured when he fell into a sinkhole.

While such accidents are rare, Raz says there are up to 3,000 open sinkholes along the coast and likely just as many that haven't burst open yet. And they're having a big impact on Israeli development plans.

The collapsing terrain has forced authorities to close a campground, date groves and a small naval base, and to scrap plans for 5,000 new hotel rooms, said Galit Cohen, director of environmental planning at the Ministry of the Environment.

The holes, also found on the Jordanian side of the sea, are the result of the Dead Sea having shrunk by a third since the 1960s when Israel and Jordan built plants to divert water flowing through its main tributary, the Jordan River.

The holes form when a subterranean salt layer that once bordered the sea is dissolved by underground fresh water that follows the receding Dead Sea waters.

The main road along the shore has been torn apart by streams whose energy is increased because they are flowing farther to reach the receding sea, and all construction along the strip between sea and highway is banned, Cohen said.

Both Israel and Jordan evaporate Dead Sea water to extract its phosphates and have built hotels along the coasts for the thousands of tourists who come in search of the curative powers of Dead Sea mud, or simply for the experience of floating unsinkably in its salt-saturated waters.

for the rest of the article, read here.

congrats to myhomilia

my NT colleague, myhomilia, proudly announces to the world the publication of his PhD thesis (of which the whole of STM is proud oh his achievement). his alma mater also has highlighted this twice. see links below:

Wednesday, 24 June 2009

baptist preacher 'Jesus wore pants!'

remember sometime ago, the reb posted a video link to a baptist preacher who preached about 'he who pisseth against the wall'? here's another hilarious clip of another baptist preacher who preaches that Jesus wore pants! thanks to dr claude mariottini for highlighting it on his blog.

don't you wish these guys take Exegetical Methods class in STM?

Monday, 22 June 2009

Bereavement - Anthony Yeo

my singapore look-alike counterpart passed away at the age of 60. we first met in 1985. we were both speakers in penang wesley church camp, anthony yeo doing the teaching sessions and the reb doing some bible study sessions. jeffrey koit, then assistant pastor in penang wesley, put both anthonys in the same room. imagine the fun we had. when we wake up and look into the mirror, we were not sure which anthony we were! we met again in later years very occasionally bumping into each other in unexpected places.

dear friend and 'twin', RIG!

the reb (or the twin)

the twin (the real One)


Counsellor Anthony Yeo dies aged 60

Veteran therapist dies from complications following treatment for white blood cell cancer.

By Shuli Sudderuddin

'Father of counselling' Anthony Yeo, consultant therapist at the Counselling and Care Centre, was described by those who knew him as an 'iconic figure' in his field.

Singapore's 'father of counselling' Anthony Yeo, who had leukaemia, died yesterday from complications.
The veteran counsellor and consultant therapist at the Counselling and Care Centre was 60 years old.

He was diagnosed with Burkitt's lymphoma, a cancer of a type of white blood cell that fights off infection in the body, after he collapsed at home on the evening of May9.
His older brother Peter, 63, said Mr Yeo had been losing weight since April but was still active and continued to work.

But last month, he collapsed at home and couldn't move and his wife rushed him to the hospital. 'Initially, they thought it was a stroke because he couldn't move his left leg. But a couple of days later, it was diagnosed as lymphoma.'
Mr Yeo underwent chemotherapy and his cancer went into remission.

However, complications developed and he fought off an infection about a week after his chemotherapy ended.
'But about two weeks ago, he developed a fungal infection in his lungs as well as pneumonia. His lungs failed and he was put on a respirator and sedated heavily,' his brother said.

He died at about 6pm, surrounded by friends and family.
He will be cremated tomorrow during a private ceremony and his ashes will be strewn in the sea.
As was his wish, there will be no wake. However, there will be a memorial service next month.

Co-workers and friends remembered him as someone who was forward- thinking and passionate about counselling.
Ms Gwen Ho, a youth outreach manager, used to work with him at Marine Parade Family Service Centre (FSC) where he was the clinical supervisor.
'He was very radical in his views and one of the things I learnt from him was never to impose a framework or model of counselling on a person as everybody is different,' she said yesterday.

'He gave people a voice. If we told him we felt something was unfair, he would encourage us to write about it to create awareness.'
Mr Samuel Ng, an executive consultant at Marine Parade FSC, said: 'He was definitely an iconic figure in the field of social work and counselling. He wasn't afraid to stand up for what he believed in.'

Family friend William Tan, a director of an IT company, added: 'He was very passionate about his work and very outspoken, but he was also a dedicated family man. No matter how packed his schedule, he made time for his family.'
Mr Yeo leaves behind his wife and two sons, aged 32 and 29.
Mr Peter Yeo said that his brother, a staunch Christian, had taken the news of his illness calmly.

He said: 'When he started chemo, he said there are three kinds of rest - Sabbath, mandatory rest and eternal rest. He told us, 'I am prepared for eternal rest.''



An entry from christian post.

Sunday, 21 June 2009

LPL OT module

by 6.15pm today, finished teaching the 12 hours Local Preachers' Licence OT module held in Wesley Methodist Church Penang over two days. tiring but thoroughly enjoyable. there were 14 participants coming from places like kampar, KL, and PJ as well as penang. in terms of churches, the participants came from from kampar wesley, PJ trinity, SS methodist church, sungei buluh methodist church as well as penang wesley. we had a good time of studying the OT in a crash course together.