Thursday, 27 September 2007

countdown to 20th anniversary of Op Lalang 1987

today is just one month away from the 20th anniversary of the infamous Operation Lalang 1987 where the ISA was used to detain over a hundred citizens of Malaysia, including for the first time Christians. we will make a countdown to that fateful day. Like the Jews who cry 'Remember Masada', we Malaysians must cry 'Do not forget Op Lalang 1987!'.

in the meantime, i will try to put up my powerpoint slides which i made for the seminar up on this blog. but need to convert them maybe into a video format first.

Wednesday, 26 September 2007

Yale UP will now publish Anchor Bible series

Yale Acquires Anchor Bible Series September 25, 2007
By Kimberly Maul

Yale University Press has acquired the Anchor Bible series from Doubleday for undisclosed terms. The series, which was started in 1956 with guidance from biblical scholar William Foxwell Albright, is a collection of more than 115 volumes of biblical scholarship. The overall series is divided into the Anchor Bible Commentary Series, a book-by-book translation and exegesis of the Hebrew Bible, the New Testament, and the Apocrypha; the six-volume Anchor Bible Dictionary set; and the open-ended Anchor Bible Reference Library series. Doubleday will now enhance its focus on general religious titles in the trade market, while Yale will take on the highly-regarded series, which will strengthen its publishing program, the two publishers explained in a statement.

"The Anchor Bible has been an integral part of Doubleday's history, and we are proud of the lasting—and unparalleled—contributions to interfaith biblical scholarship made by the many distinguished authors we have had the privilege of publishing under this unprecedented series," said Stephen Rubin, president and publisher of Doubleday Broadway Publishing Group. "We believe we have found, in Yale University Press, the perfect home for each of the many volumes in the series that have already been published as well as for those yet to come."With its new acquisition, Yale, which will re-name the series the Anchor Yale Bible, will be able to publish all remaining volumes in the series starting in 2008 and will also re-release backlist titles. All of the books published by Yale will also be available in digital form."The Anchor Bible Series fits perfectly with the Press's goals and objectives, adding to our already distinguished list in religious history and providing a foundation for new areas," said John Donatich, director of Yale Univeristy Press. "We are thrilled to have the opportunity to develop the series, revising and updating these classic texts for a wider group of students, seminarians, scholars, and the general public as well as customizing them for a new generation of digital users."