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TEE module: History and Theology of the Exile

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those wishing to attend the module, you can check the bibliography list below or on STM TEE forum. take note of the free books that you can download form the internet. they are required readings.


History and Theology of the Exile (2008 Updated)

Aims of the Course

In this course, students will cover the historical period immediately before the Jewish Exile in 587 BC to the early period after the Exile. The various events and causes that led to the Exile will be explored. What were the social, religious and political developments during the Exile? How did the people struggle to interpret theologically over the catastrophe? What were some of the works written in this formative period of the Exile and the early post-Exilic period? How can we appropriate the metaphor of exile today in our 21st century?

Selected Bibliography (* compulsory readings)

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*___________. Israel in Exile: The History and Literature of the Sixth Century B.C.E.. Tr. D. Green. Studies in Biblical Literature 3. Atlanta: Society of Biblical Literature, 2003. Electronic version of the book is available from link below: or

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Chapter 2: ‘The Secret Things and the Things Revealed: Reactions to the Exile in the Deuteronomistic History’ Date Accessed: 14/4/2008

Chapter 3: ‘Saying Yes to Exile--and No! Reactions to the Exile in the Book of Jeremiah’ Date Accessed: 14/4/2008

Chapter 4: ‘Yahweh Faithful and Free: Ezekiel's Response to Exile’ Date Accessed: 14/4/2008

Chapter 5: ‘Yahweh Willing and Able--Second Isaiah's Response to the Exile’ Date Accessed: 14/4/2008

Chapter 6: ‘When Memory Is Hope: The Response to Exile in P’ Date Accessed: 14/4/ 2008

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Articles on ‘Exile, The Exilic Period’ in IB, IDB, NBD, ABD, ISBE, NIDOTTE, NIB.

Articles on ‘Deuteronomistic History’ in IB, IDB, NBD, ABD, ISBE.

Articles on ‘Priestly Writer, Priestly Writings etc.’ in IB, IDB, NBD, ABD, ISBE.

Articles on the ‘Chronicler, Chronistic History, Book of Chronicles etc.’ in IB, IDB, NBD, ABD, ISBE.

Major Commentaries on Chronicles, Lamentations, Jeremiah, Ezekiel, Second Isaiah (Isaiah 40-55), Psalms.



For 2 Credit Hour course (In-campus elective):
One long assignment (2,000-2,500 words)
One application paper (1,500-2,000 words)

For 3 Credit Hour course (TEE)
Two long assignments (2,000-2,500 words each)
(or one long and two short assignments)


A Suggested Course Outline

1.0 Introduction to The Babylonian Exile of 587 BC

2.0 The Historical Period Prior to the Babylonian Exile
2.1 The Northern Kingdom of Israel
2.2 The Southern Kingdom of Judah
2.3 The Rise and Fall of the Assyrians
2.4 The Rise of the Neo-Babylonians

3.0 The Babylonian Exile of 587 BC
3.1 The Exile
3.2 Causes That Led to the Exile
3.3The Effects of the Exile on the Jews

4.0 The Historical Period of the Exile
4.1 Life in the Babylonian Gola
4.2 Life in the Egyptian Gola
4.3 Life in the Palestinian Gola

5.0 Creative Responses to the Exile
5.1 Prophetic Writings During the Exile
5.1.1 Jeremiah
5.1.2 Ezekiel
5.1.3 Second Isaiah

5.2 Other Writings During the Exile
5.2.1 Lamentations
5.2.2 Exilic Psalms

5.3 Other Writings Immediately After the Exile
5.3.1 Deuteronomistic History
5.3.2 The Priestly Writings
5.3.3 The Chronicler History

6.0 The Historical Period Immediately After the Exile
6.1 The Restoration Period/Second Temple Period
6.2 The Preaching of Haggai, Zechariah and Malachi

7.0 The Metaphor of Exile
7.1 Exilic Mentality
7.2 Exilic Spirituality

8.0 Using the Exilic Metaphor Today in the 21st Century
8.1 Exodus and Exile Paradigms
8.2 Responding to 'Exile situations'
8.3 Responding to 'Exilic mentality'
8.4 Developing 'Exilic spirituality'

Friday, 3 October 2008


had this crazy idea when i went to borders at the curve yesterday with my children to scout for some books. indulged myself in 2 p/b books (since i still have some money from the stm book allowance) which i longed to read for a long time - arok of Java by Pramoedya Ananta Toer and midnight children by salman rushdie. will slowly devour these 2 gems. as i don't buy books as often as pearlie (no offence, just a bit of envy), there is no way i can get to read all the books i like (and i am not even talking about elie wiesel and chaim potok).

so, this crazy idea is this - a crazy scheme for desperate bibliaphiloi: those of us with books to spare and we don't read them at present, we lend them to each other for a specific time period so that the unfortunate ones who cannot afford to buy them can get a chance to read them! we will call it 'TAGGED BOOKS LOAN'

we can tag each other (like the tag game) and the one who is tagged reveals 5 books titles he or she can lend to others. the others will 'bid' for them on a first come first serve basis. how we are going to pass the books to each other, i will leave it to the ingenuity of the book owners - through mail post, through friends, through church contacts, through meeting points like TEE, through a common centre where bibliaphiloi can gather with their precious hoard etc. only 2 rules apply: 1] to treat the books with extreme care i.e. no over-bending of the book spine, tearing of pages etc 2] not to lose the books (if lost, payment should be made to the book owner on the books' present value).

to kick start, here are my 5 books available for lending:

thomas harris, the silence of the lambs and red dragon (2 in 1), h/b
sara gruen, water for elephants, p/b
dara horn, the world to come, h/b
harry kemelmann, tuesday the rabbi saw red, h/b
umberto eco, foucalt's pendulum, p/b

ha, never guess the reb read this type of stuff? well, you can know a person by what he/she reads. go and see the personal library of someone and you will know where he/she stands.

so, i get to tag!!! who else but PEARLIE!!!!!

and the 5 books are on loan!!

Wednesday, 1 October 2008

we must not forget

if you have not read martin jalleh's recent writeup on rpk in lim kit siang's blog, the entry is here below:

and read what rpk has to say for himself from kamunting. if you thought what teresa kok has to eat was bad, so do the kamunting detainees:

we must never forget those who fought to ensure we and our children have a better future. we have to stand with them to see this through.

Tuesday, 30 September 2008


doing this for a friend.

to all book-lovers (bibliaphiloi) like me, i have 4 copies of thomas mann's deuteronomy in the westminister bible companion series (paperback). US price is expensive but these are available for rm 20.00 only. first come first serve.

Product description:

Deuteronomy is more than a relic of ancient history. It is a living document that deals with issues relevant to the modern-day reader. They include justice and the vision of the Great Society; individual responsibility versus the importance of community; and the nature of loyalty to God and to the world. By examining these and other issues in this ancient work, readers will find striking parallels between the world of Israel several millennia ago and ours today. This absorbing and readable commentary will stimulate discussion about the Deuteronomistic prescriptions for a healthy society and their applicability to contemporary life and society.

194 pages, published in 1995.

of coruse, i have a copy and a copy of daniel and ezekiel in the same series.

p.s. the books are calling for pearlie!!!