Friday, 1 May 2009

biblical studies carnival time again

it is biblical studies carnival time again. it's no. 41 by now.

what is biblical studies carnival? a collection of the best blogs on biblical studies for the month, complied by guest bloggers. for the month of may, james mcgrath has done a wonderful job of scouting through blogsphere and giving us the best of biblical studies blogs. and he has done it in a very interesting format of a circus. go to the link below:

and in another blog called biblioblog top 50, the top 50 biblical studies blogs are selected and ranked (according to popularity and number of hits etc). go to the link below:

p.s. and the reb is 're-discovered' again (i.e. honorary mention) and gets listed in the complete list of biblobloggers.

Wednesday, 29 April 2009

before and after Part II

STM faculty in serious mode

STM faculty in non-serious mode!!

p.s. note the books they are holding. it is supposed to be their favourite book!

Tuesday, 28 April 2009

music magician(s)

my favourite version of beatles' george harrison's while my guitar gently weeps. imagine playing this melodious song with a ukelele! see jake, the one with the magic fingers on the ukelele.

and if you thought that was great, put two great musicians together, play the same piece in their own style, and it's pure magic. add tommy emmanuel, one of australia's greatest guitarists and jake the magic fingers of ukelele, you will have an unforgettable piece of music.

before and after

ever wonder how the STM faculty looked like?

in serious mode!

in not-so serious mode!!

Monday, 27 April 2009

blogbytes 27th apr 2009

the first semester for STM is drawing to a close. this is the last week of regular classes. the reb has two more classes to teach (tuesday nite 28th apr for OTS and wed morning 29th apr for OTI).

then next week (4-8th may) is study week and in a fortnight (11-14th may) is exam week. we will end the semester with a closing service on friday 15th may at 11am to be followed by community lunch. at the closing service, we will commission those who have finished their studies and are moving out into the field to work.

from next week, the reb is resuming thesis work (sigh) while waiting for assignment and exam papers to come in (or trickle in). so far, only 1 assignment paper has come in! then it is balancing act time - between marking the students' papers in order to have their grades ready for submission to the academic office so that when the students return for the second semester, their transcripts will be ready, and writing/editing the long-overdue thesis (coming to 7 years of writing , and more like a still-birth). hopefully, the birthpangs will be there and the 'baby' be due by this year