Saturday, 1 March 2008

free online courses on itunesu

continuing our information on free online courses, itunesu from apple has links to several universities in the u.s. these universities provide free online courses in form of free mp3 files of the courses. check out the following universities websites:

e.g. berkeley offers many courses (majority are secular courses) but one can download mp3 files on philosopny etc.

e.g. standford university has many religious components. one top download is 'call me yeshua' on the historical jesus. they have everything from heiddegger to steve jobs to hannibal! a click on arts and humanities leads you to the courses offered which includes spirituality and religion, history, culture, literature, social sciences, classics, and philosophy. this has to be my top choice.

e.g. pennsylavania state university offers more secular courses from engineering, communications, liberal arts to business and information sciences.

e.g. yale university offers courses on religion and humanities.

e.g. concordia seminary has many faculty lectures and featur eprograms in both mp3 and video formats.

e.g. duke university also has a divinity section and offers speeches and talks recorded in mp3 on topics like 'women in scripture', suffering, solidarity and the cross'.

e.g. reformed theological seminary has audio files on courses taught in the seminary ranging from OT to NT to theology.

e.g. harvard extensions school has a liberal arts and science department.

e.g. vanderbilt university ha smany secular courses.

e.g. fuller seminary is no stranger for many of us. you can find seminary chapel talks to lectures and topics from children to mission etc

just click the appropriate links within the universities webpage and that takes you to itunes. of course, you must have itunes installed on your computer first. to find out which university is linked with itunesu, use google search and type 'itunesu'. that will lead you to the different universities.

Friday, 29 February 2008

hermeneutics quiz

with so many fellow bloggers taking scott mcknight's hermeneutics quiz in the link above, i thought i try it out to see where i am. kar yong has a 72 and is a progressive. alex has a 61 and is a moderate.

well, the reb scored a 65 and he is still considered a moderate (on the end of the spectrum between 53 and 65).

postnote: such tests are relative and its results should be taken with a pinch of salt. one can agak-agak and put in an answer which may not be 'consistent' with one's overall views. also as one reader noted, the answers are limited and one has to answer within the given range of standard answers. sometimes, one does not find the answer he or she wants.

election fever sets in

the whole nation of malaysia is looking forward to saturday 8th march 2008. that is election day for malaysia.

recently, election fever also hit STM. some STM students were asking questions like 'Is Anthony Loke standing for the Rasah Parliment constituency? You didn't tell me you were the Negeri Sembilan state DAP chairman? Should I vote for you?'

whatever in the world made them ask such questions? so my answers were:

Anthony Loke is standing for the Rasah Parlimentary Constituency.
Anthony Loke is not standing for the Rasah Parlimentary Constituency.
Anthony Loke is the Negeri Sembilan state DAP Chairman.
Anthony Loke is not the Negeri Sembilan state DAP Chairman.
Yes, you should vote for Anthony Loke if you are in the Rasah Parlimentary constituency.
No, you should not vote for Anthony Loke if you are in the Rasah Parlimentary constituency.

you shouldn't be because there are two Anthony Lokes! look below at the pictures -

we only happen to share the same surname and the christian name but he is far younger and definitely more handsome! you can see he is quite well-educated too and have done a good job for Lobak state constituency since the last elections.

so, go vote for him (not the old reb! the reb go for a different type of politics). as clint eastwood (?) used to say, 'Make my day'.

the funny guys at comedycourt are at it again with another funny song entitled 'elections blah blah blah (spoof of shah lah lah).

Tuesday, 26 February 2008

free online courses from MIT

continuing our information on open courses provided by universities worldwide, here is a link to MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)website which lists 1800 course free online!

of course, the courses are mostly 'secular' courses but hey, don't you always wnat to take a course on astronomy? well, here is a chance to go online and sign up for free.

Courses by Department
Aeronautics and Astronautics
Athletics, Physical Education and Recreation
Biological Engineering
Brain and Cognitive Sciences
Chemical Engineering
Civil and Environmental Engineering
Comparative Media Studies
Earth, Atmospheric, and Planetary Sciences
Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
Engineering Systems Division
Experimental Study Group
Foreign Languages and Literatures
Health Sciences and Technology
Linguistics and Philosophy
Materials Science and Engineering
Mechanical Engineering
Media Arts and Sciences
Music and Theater Arts
Nuclear Science and Engineering
Political Science
Science, Technology, and Society
Sloan School of Management
Special Programs
Urban Studies and Planning
Women's and Gender Studies
Writing and Humanistic Studies

passing of another ecclesiastical great

David Wright, a professor of ecclesiastical history at New College, Edinburgh University, has died aged 70. A distinguished evangelical church historian, theologian and a Kirk Elder, Professor Wright played a major role in Church of Scotland debates about sexuality and baptism.

David F Wright, MA, DD

Professor David Wright retired in September, 2003 after almost 40 years of distinguished service to the University of Edinburgh.

Born in London and educated in Cambridge where he studied classics and theology, David took up a lectureship in the former Department of Ecclesiastical History in 1964. Promoted to a senior lectureship in 1973, he was awarded a personal chair in Patristic and Reformed Christianity in 1999. The title reflects the breadth of his scholarship and research expertise. A lifelong interest in the career and writings of Augustine is apparent in a range of publications, while his dedication to the traditions of the Reformation has produced notable work on Bucer, Calvin, Knox and Peter Martyr Vermigli. In recent years, these two research foci have been united in work that explores the reception of early church theology in the Reformation, particularly with respect to the doctrine of baptism, a subject on which he has delivered lecture series in several countries. In addition to his own scholarly input, David has established a reputation as an editor of formidable qualities. With an attentiveness to detail, scholarly rigour and linguistic exactitude, he has edited important collections of essays, dictionaries and encyclopaedias, particularly in relation to the history and theology of the Reformed tradition.

Throughout his time in Edinburgh, he has also proved a popular and highly conscientious teacher of students. Attracting doctoral candidates from overseas, particularly the USA, he has proved a successful supervisor to many now in established teaching positions across the world. A Festschrift in his honour was published in 1997.

As an administrator, David has served in many different capacities, not least as Dean of the Faculty of the Divinity (1988-92) and Convener of the Senatus Postgraduate Studies Committee (1981-85). Here again his attention to detail and meticulous preparation were widely appreciated, as was his capacity to chair meetings in a calm, efficient and fair manner. These qualities have also enriched the work of external scholarly bodies and particularly the courts of the Church of Scotland. In 2003-4 he served as Moderator of the Presbytery of Edinburgh, the first elder to have held this post.

Since his retiral David’s scholarly work and overseas lecturing commitments have continued. It is hoped that a monograph on the doctrine of baptism will soon appear following his Didsbury Lectures in Manchester. Amidst all this he has completed a sponsored walk for charity, by reaching the top of Mount Sinai earlier this year. We trust that retirement will bring many more years of scholarly activity and vigorous walking, and extend our warmest wishes both to him and to his wife, Anne-Marie.

Monday, 25 February 2008

down the stretch

it has been a tiring 2 weeks. for 2 consecutive weekends, i was down in pj efc teaching the STM TEE module on Psalms. that's 14 hours stretched over the 3 days. on sundays, i have been sharing on the Song of Songs at the Adult Bible Study group in PJ EFC. the first weekend also included a sermon at PJ EFC church. that's about over 31 hours in all.

with all the standing up while teaching and all the talking during the sessions, i am poofed! so, today i am on enforced rest to recharge my batteries before work begins on tuesday and classes on wednesdays. nevertheless, i don't find it a chore. anytime i get to share about the OT, my passion for the OT takes over and the time spent is always enjoyable.

but every year it gets harder and harder. the spirit may be willing but the flesh is sometimes weak! time again to look around to find more disciples to take over teaching the OT.

God, grant me 12 disciples to mould them to be teachers of the OT for Malaysia!