Friday, 29 January 2010

imperfect versions

my colleague, myhomilia, blog about what he saw in a cambridge bookstore here.

here's one the reb saw on cbd's website.

if you read further, it says 'only 1 in stock. order before they are soon gone'. the reb will preferred them to be gone soon rather buy 1 'imperfect' version!

Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Pakatan Rakyat Dialogue with Seremban Church leaders (Part 2)

while the elected reps came (not full force, i think, but 15 is a great number), not much could be said about the church leaders! only 6 pastors present, namely, pastor paulus from agape, pastor lim cheng tuan, pastor goo siew lai from cac, pastor eddy from sib, pastor from neighbourhood grace community, and the reb representing STM and TUMC. some laymen from a smattering number of churches also came!

limited christian presence shows a lot of our mindset - politics is dirty etc and we as good Christians should not be involved lest we get polluted etc. the reb sincerely hoped that this wasn't the case for the low turnout.


PR Dialogue with NS Church Leaders (Part 1)

a historic day for NS. first ever dialogue between elected reps from Pakatan Rakyat with local church leaders. hosted by PR (the reb counted 15 elected MPs and Aduns present). a high power team with DAP State Chief, PKR NS Chief and PAS State Commissioner. Ably chaired by YB Anthony Loke, MP for Rasah (who happens to be the reb's MP). now need to distinguish the two AL (maybe YB Anthony Loke and OT Anthony Loke!)


Monday, 25 January 2010

billboard laughter

a complication of f/b thots yesterday.


what goes on in the mind of the reb when he is driving at 7.40am along seremban-kl highway? looking at billboards! reminds him of graffiti-writing which is an art (belonging to warped geniuses of course). here's an example: Eat bran!!! (someone scribbles at the bottom - ...and the whole world falls out of your bottom!) get it?

here's what the reb will scribble on some of the highway signboards:

Advertisement line - 'Cat Rumah. No. 1 di Jepun'. Reb's scribbles '...that's becos nobody buys them in the rest of the world!'

Ad line 'Zhulian thanks everyone'. Reb's scribbles '...especially to suckers who can't tell the difference between industrial-made diamonds and natural ones'.

Ad-line: 'Disciplin kunci kejayaan'. Reb's scribbles 'ada anak kunci. mana kunci?'

Ad-line: 'Old Town. Take your time'. Reb's scribbles: '...that's becos nothing ever happens here'.

Ad-line: 'The fruit of life. Miki's Prune juice'. Reb's scribbles' '...and watch the life flows out of you'.

Ad-line: 'Aik Cheong. Still the best'. Reb's scribbles '...for backwashing of large colons too'.

Ad-line: 'Ipoh goreng kopi putih. Mesti cuba'. Reb's scribbles: ' of the 10 things you must to try before you die'.

This is a classic one outside kemayan along seremban-kl highway about prawn mee: 'Don't Eat is Your Loss'. Reb's scribbles: '... with that grammar, i will lose more after eating'.


the next time you are driving up from seremban to kl along the highway, look for the billboards. have fun.

Sunday, 24 January 2010

for sale from budding artist

my daughter's artwork. any buyers? might be able to sell and finance her further studies in the future! the series on LOTR characters. this one is boromir.


Update 28/1/2010:

another piece for sale. the 2nd piece is on galadriel.


3rd piece for sale from the LOTR series on gandalf the grey (my favourite):