goodbye to old year & blessed new year to all...

2009, the year in review, by jib-jab

christmas greetings

new article

Residential building from the time of Jesus exposed in Nazareth

it's coming.

'langham partnership 1910 centenary scholarship' for developing world

what type of logic is used?


phd scholarships

2011 is 400th anniversary of KJV

world cup football craze is starting...

dynamic tag cloud

another write on the KJV

BTN and 1Malaysia


new laptop? lifespan around 3 years only!

macc talk of neutrality

f.o.c. hebrew/greek bibles!!!

settling into oxford

silence till monday night

seminar on my constitution

getting ready for oxford

what would seminary education be like in the near future?

'God was an Englishman'

time flies

TEE OT Background

22nd anniversary of Operation Lalang

TEE class OT Background

1st century AD stone jars

drama broght HOME

product testing

stm graduation dinner

last few hours to the end of the term

last tutorial group meeting

last week of the semester

end of department of biblical studies at uni of sheffield?

what or who is a serious scholar?

claus westermann's birthday

when is corruption only a technical offence?

time for laughter

free access to sage online

i.h. marshall's Pocket Guide to NT Theology

martin goldsmith's 2 talks in stm

another busy week

busy weekend finsihed

peter, paul and 'no longer' mary

tolerance in religion

martin and elizabeth goldsmith's talks

2nd temple period synagogue discovered


meeting, meeting, meeting!

merdeka? what's there to shout about? only walls!

a new day

some interesting 21st century facts

PR - 7, BN - 1

on the move

free hebrew grammar book

passing away of geoffrey bromiley

Youth Essay Writing Contest - Edinburgh 2010

free pdf book by don c benjamin

The Langham Partnership / Oxford Centre for Mission Studies 1910 Centenary PhD Scholarship