Thursday, 20 November 2008

more nonsense from rais

Posted by: "suaram" Tue Nov 18, 2008 7:56 pm (PST)


Release Guantanamo Detainees; What about ISA detainees?

The Gerakan Mansuhkan ISA (GMI)/ Abolish ISA Movement (AIM) is annoyed by the statement from Foreign Minister Rais Yatim, "The government is hopeful that two of its citizens being held at the Guantanamo Bay camp will be released and sent home after Barack Obama is sworn in as US president", (Malaysiakini 18 November 2008).

He also added that "No charges have been brought against them (Mohamad Farik Amin and Mohammed Nazir Lep), and this is worse than the ISA (Internal Security Act) ". What about ISA? Until today there is not even a single ISA detainee that has been charged. And the question is what did the Minister meant by "it is worse than ISA?" Does this shows that the Minister agreed that ISA is a law which denies trial and it is a draconian law?

We wish to call upon the Minister to stop practicing double standards. We wish to point out to the Minister and the government that the ISA and the Kamunting detention camp in Malaysia is no better than Guantanamo Bay camp. Many are detained arbitrarily and without trial under the ISA for so many years. Calling for fair trial and release of the two Guantanamo detainees, while on the other hand denying the rights to trial of hundreds in our own country only exposes the government's hypocrisy.

Currently there are five alleged JI (Jemaah Islamiyyah) detainees who have been held under the ISA for seven years. They are Yazid bin Sufaat, Suhaimi bin Mokhtar, Abdullah bin Daud, Mat Sah bin Mohd Satray and Shamsuddin bin Sulaiman. Many more are being held there for more than 2 to 6 years. Just like those held in Guantanamo Bay, the Kamunting detainees have been subjected to arbitrary arrest and detention without trial, with the conditions of their detention kept well away from the eyes of the public.

Practicing arbitrary arrest and detention without trial by hanging on to an anachronistic law which was formulated to serve a real situation of emergency many decades ago only disgraces Malaysia in the eyes of the world. Setting up a special camp (Kamunting) with the aim, among others of concealing the conditions of their detention from the public eye and systematically inflicting torture on the detainees, serve to further damage the country's reputation and confirms the belief that such laws inevitably lead to abuse.

We therefore call upon the government to apply the same principles to the ISA detainees and Kamunting camp, charge them or otherwise free them. Failure to do so will lead the people to conclude that the government is practicing double standards. On what ground can the Malaysian government demands for fair trial if it can't put things rights in its own country?

Released By,

Nalini.E Secretariat


The reb's comments: ever since rais yatim crossed back from semangat 46 to umno, he has been talking nuts. this guy has no more principles. all the talk then about abolishing ISA , how it was bad etc when he was in semangat 46 camp turned 180 degrees when he sampai umno. now he praises ISA. anyway, the reb 'look no up' to such turncoats who lack principles within. he can continue to shoot off from his mouth but the reb does not listen or read any news about him. to the reb, he is a persona non grata.

trac conference 2008

the reb will be away from friday 21st nov till tuesday 25th nov 2008 for the annual TRAC conference in subang jaya. if there is wireless in holiday villa subang, the reb will continue to blog if time permits. if not, you know where he is. and he will be bringing his thesis and books to continue to work.

more on herod's mausoleum at herodium

New excavations strengthen identification of Herod’s grave at Herodium
November 19 2008

Analysis of newly revealed items found at the site of the mausoleum of King Herod at Herodium (Herodion in Greek) have provided Hebrew University of Jerusalem archaeological researchers with further assurances that this was indeed the site of the famed ruler’s 1st century BCE grave.

Herod was the Roman-appointed king of Judea from 37 to 4 BCE, who was renowned for his many monumental building projects, including the reconstruction of the Temple in Jerusalem, the palace at Masada, the harbor and city of Caesarea, as well as the palatial complex at Herodium, 15 kilometers south of Jerusalem.

On the basis of a study of the architectural elements uncovered at the site, the researchers have been able to determine that the mausoleum, among the remains of which Herod’s sarcophagus was found, was a lavish two-story structure with a concave-conical roof, about 25 meters high — a structure fully appropriate to Herod’s status and taste. The excavations there have also yielded many fragments of two additional sarcophagi, which the researchers estimate to have been members of Herod’s family.

The mausoleum, says Prof. Ehud Netzer, director of the excavations, was deliberately destroyed by the Jewish rebels who occupied the site during the First Jewish Revolt against the Romans which started in about 66 CE.

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Wednesday, 19 November 2008

toilet reading - midnight's children

since finishing pram's arok of java for the reb's toilet reading, he has embarked on the next book - salman rushdie's midnight's children.
it won the booker of bookers prize i.e. the best booker winner in the last 25 years. no mean feat considering the fact that the past winners of the booker prize are all accomplished writers.
so far, the reb has ploughed through 25 % of the book and it is interesting writing!
and i would agree that it is indeed a deserving winner. there are many hilarious parts to it like the 7 inch hole in the white sheet or the grandfather's nose or Taj of the lake or ramm's too much prophecy etc. sorry, cannot reveal too much details lest they become a spolier for those who want to read the book.
i heard kinokuniya KL is having christmas sale on their books with 30 % off. do i hear them calling for pearlie?

Tuesday, 18 November 2008

anti-ISA vigils and why conditions imposed don't make sense

the police has been recently calling those who take part in the anti-ISA vigils to stop as they are going against the law. when has candlelight vigils been anti-law?

then it is to stop singing the national anthem negaraku at the candlelight vigils. when has singing the national anthem been a detriment to law-abiding?

then even when the anti-ISA vigils are meeting inside a building and meeting with a permit given, the police issued 12 conditions for the organizer and the participants to follow, conditions that included things like 'cannot wear "No to ISA" t-shirts, cannot have protest speeches, cannot have lighted candles etc'. what is a candlelight vigil without lighted candles?

anyway, the reb will be in PJ this weekend for the TRAC annual conference in subang and will definitely drop in at the PJ civic centre for the sunday night 8pm candlelight vigil in his clerical collar.

yup, you hear him right the first time - in his clerical collar! so what? why cannot wearlah? another condition from the police that pastors cannot wear their clerical collars to candlelight vigils? that will make it a record 13 conditions.

read bob teoh's writeup on micah mandate about last sunday's candlelight virgil: