Wednesday, 8 July 2009

teaching of maths and science back to malay langauge

it has been announced that maths and science will revert back to be taught in bahasa malaysia! this is another step backwards for our educational system and will put malaysia back another 10-20 years. what we have been slowing achieving and recovering all these previous years (read the students who wrote to the newspapers) is being ignored. it is a sad day for malaysia. another blow for 1Malaysia and its myopic phobia. katak dibawah tempurong mentality. how to compete with the rest of the world? truly another 1blackmalaysia.

Monday, 6 July 2009

inter-seminary games

this year's inter-seminary games is over and MBS has won the first place, followed by BCM and STM taking the last spot. various games were played e.g. carrom, table-tennis, futsal, basketball and volleyball. while STM did badly in carrom and table-tennis, they made it to the finals of the last 3 games and won the volleyball match (without losing any game along the way). futsal was a close fight with BCM winning on a golden goal in sudden death.

the students have a great time together and talks are already on the way for next year's games probably to be hosted by MBS (with their kundang facilities available, there will be indoor basketball, indoor volleyball, indoor badminton, futsal, and even swimming events and water polo!). the last 2 might prove to an unfair advantage to the hosts.