Friday, 1 February 2008

Biblical Studies Carnival XXVI

Biblical Studies Carnival XXVI is up at kevin edgecomb's site.

In his words, 'Welcome to the Biblical Studies Carnival XXVI, covering blog postings made on subjects of academic Biblical Studies over the course of January 2008 (give or take a nickel). It’s been a productive month, so this is a very long carnival.' worth reading up to know about what other blogs are writing on.

ancient near eastern language valentine's contest

From the Eisenbrauns website. They are running a contest for Valentine's Day but the catch is to write your valentine greetings in ancient near eastern languages (hebrew, aramaic, akkadian, sumerian etc but they allowed greek). hey, those who know at least hebrew get your thinking caps on! No mention of what prizes will be but hopefully or probably a book on ancient sumerian love songs or a hebrew version of Song of Songs.

Love is in the air! We're looking for a few good scholars to display
both eros and erudition in our first (and possibly last!) Ancient Near
Eastern Valentine's contest.

We want no more than three of your original[*] compositions, in any
ancient Near Eastern language (we'll bend the rules a bit and allow
Greek), accompanied by an English translation. Artwork is similarly
welcome. All entries should be sent via e-mail to akerr at eisenbrauns
dot com before noon on Wednesday, February 13.

The decisions of the judges will be final and, most likely, extremely
arbitrary. Prizes will be given. Winners will be announced on February
14, 2008, and winning entries will be showcased on the Eisenbrauns
website. Submitting an entry constitutes permission to reproduce your

[*] We have memorized the entire corpus of Near Eastern poetry, and will
be watching for cheating. OK, we haven't -- but someone out there will
catch you at it if your words are not your own, and that wouldn't be
good. So don't.

Have fun with it!
James Spinti
Marketing Director, Book Sales Division
Eisenbrauns, Good books for more than 30 years
Specializing in Ancient Near Eastern and Biblical Studies
jspinti at eisenbrauns dot com
Phone: 574-269-2011 ext 226
Fax: 574-269-6788

Monday, 28 January 2008

ITC Ipoh/ STM Ipoh Road Show (part 2)

the group of first year students who travelled in my unser to ipoh (except for joel on the left who did not know which car he travelled in!).

st john's anglican church, ipoh, where the students and i put up for the night in the students' resident hall

packed ipoh chicken rice for dinner on saturday before proceeding for the youth meetings.

the chinese-speaking students presenting a song in st michael's anglican church, kampong tawas ipoh.

the final day ITC giving of certificates ceremony at wesley methodist church ipoh. the principal dr ezra kok is giving the exhortation with pastor chew kean kee providing the translation.

update: for more pictures, see the site by ruth ng.