Saturday, 21 November 2009

macc talk of neutrality

detention of 6 members of umno youth division johor proof of MACC's neutrality.

laughing stock. who are those detained? small fish fry! macc go for the big fish first. then we see whether netrality claim is justified.

all the talk about former mb of negeri sembilan suspended for 2 years for money corruption goes down drain when he makes political comeback and gets re-elected becos his 'wrong' was only a 'technical wrong'.

better read the good doctor's response to macc here:

Thursday, 19 November 2009

f.o.c. hebrew/greek bibles!!!

for stm and hebrew/greek students only. the reb managed to get a few copies of the hebrew/greek bible f.oc. but they are too heavy to carry back. if students are interested, the bibles will be shipped back by seamail and you only pay the postage when they arrived!!! will take about 2-3 months by sea.

for details of the bible, see the info below and the website link. go the website and click on 'non-english' on the left column and when the screen comes up, scroll down to 'original biblical langauges'. click on it and you can see a picture of the bible. it is black vinyl board with gold lettering. even if the postage of each bible come sup to £3 each (~RM16.50), it is still worth it because each bible costs £19.95 (~RM110)!!!!


sorry, my mistake. the bible came up to 0.739 kg (plus wrapping) and the cost to post it back to malaysia by sea mail was 4.89 pounds. using the current conversion rate of 5.6 to 1, that would be rm 27.40 for the bible. still, for a bible that comes up to a total length of 2,290 pages, that is about 1 sen per page!!!!

only 4 copies available!. found that i have 1 more packed up in my boxes. first-come-first-serve. so far, 3 grabbed already.


HEBREW/GREEK Original Language BIBLE
Unique Trinitarian Publication - The Hebrew and Greek Texts underlying the Authorised Version
Black - Vinyl covered quality hardback, Head and Tail Bands. Page size: 174 x 117mm (6¾"x 4¾"); Thickness: 37mm (1½")
Product Code: HEGRB
ISBN: 9781862281165

£19.95 VAT sales tax not applicable

Tuesday, 17 November 2009

settling into oxford

reached uk at 4pm monday uk time. got into oxford at 7pm. not that cold unless the winds howls. slight drizzle here and there but temperature manageable.

settled into the room where the rent is 90 pounds a week. a basement room with lots of space! here are some pictures of the double metal bed and a nice sofa to cuddle into to read on cold nights. behind is the radiator.

Sunday, 15 November 2009

silence till monday night

it will be silence for the next 24 hours. until the reb gets into oxford on monday night. but for now, still in stm office pounding away at the thesis! when will it ever get finished?