Saturday, 10 April 2010

while back in kampar for cny, manglish to laugh at

while home in kampar during the recent chinese new year, the reb had a cny reunion dinner with the family. while waiting for the dishes to come, there were signs displaying the menu of the restaurant. what fun to have while waiting for the food.

'bussiness hours from 3-11pm'. must be really bussssy hours.

you want pepsi or pespi?

'four big heavenly kings' has become '4 kind beans'? should they be kind to the stomach since it comes with belacan?

anyone want some beancurns? hope they don't 'curn' inside your tummy!

maybe eating the 'griiled prawns' will give you 'spicy cramp'!!!

a new kind of mineral water? minenar water must be potent!

Tuesday, 6 April 2010

life wisdom in visual form

here is an interesting site - life wisdom in visual form. great idea for those intending to take wisdom literature class in TEE or 2nd semester in-campus course this year. how to re-brand OT wisdom e.g. proverbs into a format that acceptable and easily understood in a 21st century world?

Monday, 5 April 2010

upcoming public lecture in stm

upcoming public talk by josh hong, malaysiakini columnist and political commentator on recent political developments in malaysia. this thursday 8th april 2010. time is 7.30-9.00pm in multi-purpose hall. the talk is only in chinese.



a good turnout. 91 people in all including many stm alumni.