Friday, 2 November 2007

free one month's access to sage online journals

hey guys, here is a great offer and it's free. sage online is giving a free one month access to all their online journals! unbelieveable. i used to get a month's free access to only one journal but now it is for all journals.

sign up for a free trial on their website and spend a few days browsing through using the search engine. download what you need.

TEE students, here is your chance to get quality articles for your assignments. you will not regret the time that is well spent.

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Monday, 29 October 2007

meyer-briggs and multiple intelligence tests

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ok, here is the full result of the 2 tests.

so, fictional characters with a ISTJ are Darth Vader (starwars), Bruce Wayne (Batman Begins series) and Eeyore (Winnie the pooh)! how contrasting can you get? so, I got a dark side? (I already know that!).

on real people, so many American presidents are ISTJ! unfortunately, one is not my favourite (No prize for guessing - George H.W. Bush!). on a lighter side, St Thomas (or doubting Thomas) is supposed to be a ISTJ.

for SJ people, the list includes Billy Graham and Mother Theresa. Hmm, interesting! Also Jimmy Stewart (famous actor) and Evander Holyfield (boxer). i might branch off to acting or boxing if i'm out of a job in the semianry. after all, evander continued to box into his 40's (although his comeback was not successful).

meyer-briggs test

Click to view my Personality Profile page

i took the test many years ago in the seminary. it was a sort of a way to know ourselves better. today i went to the website to do an online text of 76 questions. well, it came out the same result as it was years ago.

i am an ISTJ! Examiner and Protector! Wonder how that work out (especially 'examiner' to my students in stm. no wonder as i am very thorough in details in my marking! my students always complain that i use up many red ink pens per year. but as for protector, that's a new one).

Seminar on Christian Zionism

this weekend, i will be back to gereja grace batu pahat for round 2. some months ago, i went down to do a one-saturday night seminar on 'the role of israel today'. the crowd's response that night was fantastic. we started at 8.15pm and ended the meeting well after 11pm and we could have gone on into the night except that i had to preach the next day. on sunday, i preached on isaiah 40 (which was part of the church's preaching series on the book of isaiah). it happened that for that sunday, the text was isaiah 40, one of my favourite chapters from Isaiah 40-55.

so, with their appetites whetted, the church has come back to me to do a part 2 on the seminar as well as preach the final sermon on the series on Isaiah based on chapters 65-66. since i touched on the historical background of Israel leading up to its present state, i covered something on Jewish Zionism and Theodore Herzl. so in consultation with the deacons, we decided to continue on the topic of Christian Zionism. This is not exactly my field of studies as i am an OT guy. (Theology for me is not so exciting as biblical studies! Too dry for my taste) But since the topic impinges on one of my side interests - the role of Israel today, it is a challenge for me to prepare for the seminar. i will probably have at the end about 60 ppt slides ready for the saturday night seminar.

And the need to prepare a sermon on Isaiah 65-66 with a corresponding NT text thrown in to help the church see the connections on a larger picture. So i decided to pick matthew 13:24-30, the parable fo the wheat and the tares, to supplement what i am preaching from Isaiah 65-66. More on the sermon in another post.

this is on top of the pressure of marking assignment and exam papers for the students. faculty have a deadline too to meet to hand in the results to the academic office so that the staff can prepare the transcripts before the students return next year in january 2008.

Sunday, 28 October 2007

20th Anniversary of Op Lalang 1987

So, the 20th anniversary of Op Lalang has come and gone? Did people remember that day?

Unfortunately, like Bob, i had a prior commitment yesterday and couldn't make it down from seremban to the forum in the Selangor Chinese Assembly Hall. Was in church this morning and the visiting speaker, a good friend who received my email link to my site, reminded the church members of the significance of yesterday. i later went to preach in canaan baptist church and did my part to remind the members there about yesterday.

Read about it on Bob's site:

Bob couldn't make it either but says that malaysiakini has a writeup on it. If you are a subscriber, then you can access their article at:

lulu also has a writeup. you can access it here at:

if you know of other blogs with a writeup on Op Lalang, place a comment here. let others read to be informed.