Wednesday, 10 June 2009

of headaches, time wastage, and plagiarism

had been busy writing about 12 letters to the seminary students (not love letters but warning letters for various things like late submission of assignments and most of all, plagiarism!). plagiarism is an issue we are constantly struggling with. what we can detect is probably the tip of the iceberg. what the faculty fail to detect gets away scott free.

it is time consuming to check and double-check footnotes and sources etc. with the advent of the internet, it makes life easier for the students as they can find all sorts of stuff that they can plagiarize (sometimes wholesale from the internet!).

the faculty is fighting back!

we use internet search engines like google, google books, google scholar, dogpile, and

we also use online detection tools like or or

we use free software like viper:

and the seminary is exploring paid software like turnitin.

but all these takes time.

STM's policy on plagiarism is very clearly stated in our academic regulations:

2.6 Plagiarism is absolutely forbidden. Definition of Plagiarism: “Copying
or borrowing ideas directly from books without proper reference or
documentation, or copying notes from other students.” Plagiarism is strictly
forbidden. It will result in failure of the assignment with no re-submission
allowed. The course concerned will be deemed as failed.



my colleague, myhomilia, has responded here.

also, see the comments posted by some concerned bloggers.

Monday, 8 June 2009

edinburgh 2010 consulation

today is the start of the 4 day consultation to be held in stm.


Edinburgh 2010 Study Process for ASEAN and Sri Lanka

The Edinburgh 2010 Study Process for ASEAN and Sri Lanka will be held on 8-11 June, 2009 at Seminari Theoloji Malaysia (Malaysia Theological Seminary). It is opened to all theologians, missiologists, mission strategists, mission leaders, pastors, and church leaders in ASEAN countries and Sri Lanka. We are targeting at 100 participants, and put a cap of a maximum of 120 on a first come first served basis. The theme for the Study Process will be “Mission as Reconciliation in Pluralistic Contexts”. There will be three international key-note speakers. They are Dr. David Shenk from USA, Dr. Vinoth Ramachandra from Sri Lanka, and Dr. Paulus Sugeng Widjaja from Indonesia.

You can download the related documents and forms below:

- Letter from Organizer

- Information on Edinburgh 2010 Study Process (Updated with registration deadline)

- schedule of the program

For additional information, you can contact the organizers at