Saturday, 26 September 2009

another busy week

another busy week have passed. firstly, came back from speaking at a church family camp in PD. had to unwind by sleeping most of the time on tuesday!

resumed work on wednesday with tutorial group meeting and tons of admin work - next year's time-table, course offerings, course load, academic calendar etc.

thursday was last class on isaiah and faculty meeting in the evening from 4.30 till 8.00pm!!!

friday was invigilating exam on isaiah for final year students and meeting a UK scholar who will come in 2011 to teach a mmin course. then back to marking all the assignments and exam papers for the final year students.

these next two days, saturday and sunday, have to be in kl in berjaya times square. markus is having scrabble competition with the msa youth tourney to pick the reps from malaysia for the year-end world youth scrabble competition in jb. so, the reb is stuck in times square for 2 days. first stop after sending markus to the tourney is starbucks where there is free wifi. at least, got some connection to the outside world while finishing marking all the exam scripts for isaiah. then work on thesis while on 'enforced waiting'.

anyone passing by here can drop for a chat! be here until lunch time with markus and then back again by 2pm till 5pm.

Monday, 21 September 2009

busy weekend finsihed

the weekend was busy. on friday evening and saturday morning, had to go with the stm principal to meet someone from cms australia to work out the m.o.u. for a new OT lecturer coming to work in stm next year.

then off to PD on saturday for the TUMC leaders retreat with dr chew tow yow as speaker. also had a good time of discussion wrestling over some difficult issues of church leadership. but God broke the tension and deadlock and things were settled and as a church we can move on.

then off at 6pm to speak at holy light lutheran church camp in PG glory beach resort. took three talks with mrs reb doing one.

camp is finally over, lunch now before proceeding home to seremban and later in the day after a good nap to begin marking papers for final year students!). yes, there is no rest for the wicked (Isa).