Saturday, 15 August 2009

free hebrew grammar book

posted this sometime back but the authors have revised their free hebrew grammar. worth downloading and reading it if you want to study hebrew on your own.


Biblical Hebrew: A Student Grammar
John A. Cook and Robert D. Holmstedt
(Draft, 2007; revised 2009 -- posted Aug 13, 2009)

PDF of entire textbook.

The authors grant permission for personal or classroom use. * Note: please report any typos or other errors.


on the same webpage, there are other free pdf files to download:

Thursday, 13 August 2009

passing away of geoffrey bromiley

Fuller Mourns the Loss of Geoffrey Bromiley
Preeminent Scholar and Professor, Prolific Translator and Editor, and Caring Mentor and Friend :: 08/11/09

Geoffrey W. Bromiley, renowned church historian and historical theologian, and professor emeritus at Fuller Seminary in Pasadena, passed away on Friday, August 7.

Bromiley significantly influenced English-language Christianity over the past six decades, translating and editing—from several original languages—thousands upon thousands of pages of theological works from such notables as Karl Barth, Jacques Ellul, Helmut Thielicke, and others.

Among his many translations widely used by English-language readers are the 10-volume Theological Dictionary of the New Testament, edited by Gerhard Kittel; extensive portions of Karl Barth’s Church Dogmatics; Wolfhart Pannenberg's three-volume Systematic Theology; and Commentary on Romans by Ernst Kasemann.

Bromiley was also the English-language editor of the monumental Encyclopedia of Christianity (translated from a German language resource), the fifth volume of which he completed in 2007—past his 90th year. “His work as the English-language editor of these five volumes is without question among the most painstaking work a scholar can be called upon to do. Few there are who are equal to the challenge,” said Robert P. Meye, the former dean of Fuller’s School of Theology, who served during many of the years while Bromiley was Professor of Church History and Historical Theology at Fuller.

for the rest of the article, pls read here below:

Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Youth Essay Writing Contest - Edinburgh 2010

Youth Essay Writing Contest - Edinburgh 2010

Participate ~ Writing Contest

We invite you to take part in the Edinburgh 2010 Youth Writing Contest. Write an essay about one of the nine study themes, submit it and get published online. The winner of our writing contest will receive a sponsored invitation to the Edinburgh conference in June 2010.

Who can participate?
We invite contributions from a wide range of youth (ages 18 - 30) from different theological, denominational, confessional, and geographical areas interested in Christian witness in the world today.

What should you write about?
Essays should engage one of the nine study themes, represent the perspective of youth, and be 3000 (maximum) words in length. They may be submitted in any of the languages of the conference: English, French or Spanish, or in other languages by arrangement with the organisers.

The nine study themes are:

1. Foundation for Mission
2. Christian Mission Among Other Faiths
3. Mission and Post-Modernities
4. Mission and Power
5. Forms of Missionary Engagement
6. Theological Education and Formation
7. Christian Communities in Contemporary Contexts
8. Mission and Unity – Ecclesiology and Mission
9. Mission Spirituality and Authentic Discipleship

Why should you participate?
The papers will be judged by the organisers of the Edinburgh 2010 study process and other invited missiologists. The author of the top paper will receive a sponsored invitation to the Edinburgh 2010 World Mission Conference in June, 2010. Up to ten further papers will be commended by the judges and submitted for publication.

How will this contest be advertised?
This call for papers is being distributed through the networks of Edinburgh 2010, which is inclusive of Protestant, Roman Catholic, Orthodox, Evangelical and Pentecostal churches in all regions of the world. Please pass it on through your networks. To download our flyer click here.

When are papers due?
To submit a paper by the deadline of 15 January 2010, or for more information, please e-mail our Youth and Mission Coordinator Kirk Sandvig: 2010youth (at)

Tuesday, 11 August 2009

free pdf book by don c benjamin

professor don c benjamin has a new book called stones and stories:

Stones and Stories: An Introduction to Archaeology and the Bible
by Don C. Benjamin

A state-of-the-art introduction to the archaeological exploration of Syria-Palestine from ancient times to current excavations, Stones and Stories introduces students to the history and methods of "biblical archaeology." By correlating cultural patterns in different archaeological eras with cultural patterns in the biblical narratives, Benjamin describes the assumptions and methods that have guided both scholars and amateurs — the faithful, the skeptical, and the curious.

Lavishly illustrated, Stones and Stories is simultaneously an accessible introduction to archaeological method and an overview of what archaeology has shown us regarding the worlds of the Bible.

Fortress Press (Nov 2008)
400 pages

one can download a free pdf file of the book here.

Monday, 10 August 2009

The Langham Partnership / Oxford Centre for Mission Studies 1910 Centenary PhD Scholarship

The Langham Partnership / Oxford Centre for Mission Studies 1910 Centenary PhD Scholarship

Langham Partnership is a registered Christian charity in the evangelical tradition, which grows out of the international ministry of Rev. Dr John Stott. It has over the past 30 years helped to sponsor almost 300 scholars from the Majority (Developing) World to complete PhD degrees, and it currently supports around 35 students in the UK and Europe who are on PhD programmes. Former Langham scholars work in a range of Christian ministries, including college and seminary Principals and Presidents, Academic Deans, Bishops, and leaders of Christian agencies. Funds for the scholarship scheme come from the giving of Christian individuals, churches and trusts. Further details about the work of the charity, and how donations can be made towards its work, can be found on the Scholarship pages of the Langham Partnership website

Langham Partnership is offering a special ‘1910 Centenary PhD Scholarship’ in partnership with the Oxford Centre for Mission Studies which is intended to benefit a student from the Majority World. The Edinburgh World Missionary Conference of 1910 anticipated the predominant role which church leaders from the Global South would play in the future, and this scheme is therefore an appropriate way of marking its centenary in 2010. The Scholarship represents our commitment to engage in dialogue with churches in the Developing World (Majority), and assist with the training of strategic church leaders from there.

Oxford Centre for Mission Studies / Langham Partnership ‘1910 Centenary Scholarship’

Starting in September 2010 this scholarship for a student from the Majority World is tenable for up to six years of part-time PhD study at the Oxford Centre for Mission Studies, depending on satisfactory progression. It will cover course fees at OCMS, and provide up to £4,000 towards expenses and maintenance. The applicant’s sending institution must commit to contribute at least a further £2,000 per year towards support. The student will be required to raise extra sums required to meet the support levels required by the UK Borders Agency for student visa application. Before commencement of the award students must have completed the OCMS research induction course, and obtained registration with the University of Wales. OCMS and Langham Partnership welcome applications from students wishing to study in ‘Mission-related’ research in various areas.

Applicants should apply to both OCMS and the Langham Partnership, and on each separate application indicate clearly that they intend to apply for the OCMS / Langham Partnership ‘1910 Centenary Scholarship’. A form for the Langham Partnership Scholarship scheme, and the full eligibility criterion, can be found on the scholarship pages of the Langham Partnership UK website

Applicants must demonstrate that they have outstanding academic potential, are strategic

Christian leaders, and have strong backing from established Christian leadership within the Majority World.

Further enquiries can be addressed to

Closing date for applications is 30 November 2009.

upcoming public lecture this thursday

reposting this upcoming public lecture by dr mark lovatt with mr christopher cheah as respondent.