Friday, 18 April 2008

legend of the crystal skulls?

indiana jones and the kingdom of the crystal skull? the latest in the indiana jones series starring harrison ford. who will forget the earlier movies? ford as the dashing swash-buckling archaeologist-adventurer seeking for lost treasures and winning the damsel in distress? in the latest movie, he goes in search for the crystal skull. if you wonder what this is, read the links below:

thanks to dr claude mariotinni for the info and link to archaeology magazine:

link to archaeology magazine:

Wednesday, 16 April 2008

passing of another great scholar, krister stendhal

Krister Stendahl, NT scholar, swedish theologian, former bishop of Sweden, and former Dean of Harvard Divinity School, died this morning on april 15th 2008. A funeral service is planned for Friday morning at University Lutheran Church, and a memorial service to be held at Harvard's Memorial Church is being planned for sometime in May. Details on that University event and on other chances to recall, celebrate, and honor Krister will be communicated as soon as we know them, by email as well as on the HDS website. Please keep all of the Stendahl family in your thoughts and prayers.

the ny times has an obituary:

below is harvard's obituary on stendahl:

see the wiki entry on stendahl:

also an address given by him below delivered in 2001 as the Edward L. Mark Lecture at Harvard-Epworth United Methodist Church:

Monday, 14 April 2008

fosillized snake with hindlegs

the bbc reports on a finding in lebanon of a fossilized snake with hindlegs!

the initial report already came up early in 2000. see the link below:

and the link here:

in the scientific world, this phenomenon has been already investigated. see the summary of the sciencemag report:

so, is the serpent in the garden of eden a walking snake? rikki watts wrote a piece for a more lay conservative audience on this issue. see pdf file below: